Youtubeur HugoDécrypte conducts an interview with Bill Gates

Youtubeur HugoDécrypte conducts an interview with Bill Gates

The founder of Microsoft, Bill Gates gave himself up to some very interesting confidences on the climate, pandemics, money, power and health during an unpublished interview carried out by the young Youtubeur HugoDécrypte. Posted on June 2, this interview captivated Internet users.

An unpublished interview

Hugo Traversa.k.a HugoDecrypts on YouTube, received a big guest during his last “Face Hidden” interview. Bill Gates, the founder of Microsoft and fourth richest person in the world agreed to answer the questions of the young French Youtuber on the occasion of the release of his latest book “How to avoid the next pandemic”. Between his confidences and his answers to relevant questions from the Youtubeur, we cannot advise you to watch the interview on HugoDecrypte’s YouTube channel.

After other important guests such as the French astronaut Thomas Pesquet, or even presidential candidates, Bill Gates is a distinguished guest to talk about public health and the climate emergency facing the world. Still fascinated to have carried out this interview, Hugo Travers however regrets not having had more time with Bill Gates to evoke the terms in a broader way, in particular on ecology and politics in general, but that did not nothing changed to the accuracy of the interview.

Relevant topics

Like every Face Down interview, Bill Gates faces the young Youtuber as well as a giant screen on which a wheel of emojis scrolls. On several occasions, the founder of Microsoft presses the buzzer which stops the wheel on an emoji. This shows the hidden face of the emoji which then reveals an archive, the starting point for the Youtubeur’s questions. Among the most salient issues, posting a photo of the three entrepreneurs in the running in the space race: Jeff Bezos (Amazon), Elon Musk (SpaceX) and Richard Branson (Virgin Galactic). The question, addressed to Bill Gates, was to know why he was not taking part in the race. He has answered :

“What drives me is that we get rid of measles, malaria, to ensure that children around the world have the same chance of survival and can eat their fill. Global health is my full-time job. I’m not going to spend my money on rockets”.

He also added that according to him “there will be no other planets to help us”. In a series of quick questions he also admitted that for him, Emmanuel Macron is a good president to deal with the climate emergency and that he is essential that young people get involved and make the climate a priority », he added on the issue of climate change. On the topic of health issues, he advanced one of the main messages of his book: the creation of a central body, a dedicated pandemic team within the WHObaptized “GERM” for “Global Epidemic Response and Mobilization team”.

A man deeply invested

Bill Gates is a lively man by strong values ​​and great generosity. Since many years, he invests his fortune in numerous philanthropic actions geared towards medical progress. In January 2000, Bill Gates and Melinda Gates created the foundation Bill & Melinda Gates, who is today the largest private charitable foundation in the world.