Youtubeur HugoDécrypte conducts an incredible interview with Bill Gates

Youtubeur HugoDécrypte conducts an incredible interview with Bill Gates

He himself couldn’t believe it: “I admit that I always have a hard time believing what we have just published”, he wrote on Twitter. Hugo Travers, aka “HugoDécrypte” on YouTube, received a major guest. Bill Gates, the founder of Microsoft and fourth largest fortune in the world agreed to answer his questions on the occasion of the release of his latest book “How to avoid the next pandemic” (published by Flammarion).

Between his secrets and his answers to very relevant questions from the YouTuber, we can only advise you to watch the video. Hugo Travers regretted not having been able to have more time with Bill Gates, but the two will still have been able to discuss subjects in depth, in particular around the pandemic and global warming.

In a series of quick questions, the opportunity also to find out more about the underside of tech news. “Are you friends with Elon Musk?” asked Hugo Travers, about the CEO of Tesla and SpaceX, who became the world’s first fortune. To Bill Gates to answer: “I like it. I think he does a terrific job. But I don’t know him very well.”

At the center of the news for three years in the United States, the power of the GAFA in the face of politics has not escaped the Youtuber. Microsoft weighs more than 2000 billion dollars on the stock market, which earns it third place in the ranking of biggest companies in the world. “Do you think you have more power than Joe Biden today?” asked Hugo Travers. “No”replied Bill Gates.

“There will be no other planets to save us”

After other major guests such as French astronaut Thomas Pesquet, or even presidential candidates, Bill Gates was a very relevant guest to talk about climate change and the pandemic. Hugo Travers regretted not having had enough time to discuss the terms more broadly, particularly on ecology and politics in general, but that did not change the relevance of the questions.

Among the most striking, the display of a photo of the three entrepreneurs in the running in the space race : Jeff Bezos (Amazon), Elon Musk (SpaceX) and Richard Branson (Virgin Galactic). The question, addressed to Bill Gates, was to know why he was not taking part in the race. He answered :

“What drives me is that we get rid of measles, malaria, to ensure that children around the world have the same chance of survival and can eat their fill. Global health is my full-time job. I’m not going to spend my money on rockets”. He also added that according to him “there will be no other planets to help us”.

It is essential that “young people are getting involved and making the climate a priority”, he added on the issue of climate change. He also recognized that for him, Emmanuel Macron is a good president to deal with it. On the subject of health problems, he put forward one of the main messages of his book: the creation of a central body, a team dedicated to pandemics within the WHO, called “GERM” (for “Global Epidemic Response and Mobilization team”).