Who are Elon Musk’s advisers to transform Twitter?

Who are Elon Musk's advisers to transform Twitter?

The new boss of Twitter has surrounded himself with a 100% conservative and masculine close guard who advises him.

Jason Calacanis and David Sacks, the thinking (and very conservative) heads

Jason Calacanis

This serial entrepreneur from the “Dot Com” years now invests in various companies and hosts a podcast on tech. the washington post explains that this close friend of Elon Musk is the author of a text advising the billionaire on the strategy to adopt concerning Twitter. He explains in particular that employees must be forced to work on site at least two days a week, which he says will reduce the workforce by 20% with a wave of voluntary departures. A method that Elon Musk has already used at Tesla. It is difficult to know the exact role of Jason Calacanis within the company – just like that of the other relatives who advise Elon Musk in his strategy (or not strategy?). On October 31, he said he was meeting marketing and communications professionals on behalf of Twitter. He regularly conducts surveys on the platform to find out which features users prefer.

David Sacks

This former Paypal employee, where he met Elon Musk in the 2000s, is also an investor – he has also bet on Facebook, Airbnb, Uber, Palantir… David Sacks is known for his conservative ideas. He is notably the author of an article noticed in The American Conservative advocating the benefits of a referendum in Ukraine to ask citizens if they want to be attached to Russia, an idea then taken up by Elon Musk on Twitter. According to photos obtained by The Washington Post, David Sacks appeared in a company directory with an internal email address and the title “Software Engineer.” It would be especially partly at the origin of the great ideas of the boss of Tesla on the strategy to come from Twitter. The management of the social network would have even suggested that employees listen to the All-In podcast hosted by Sachs and Calacanis to understand the “macro-environment” of the waves of layoffs, reports The Verge. On Twitter, David Sacks made it known that he denied the information of the washington post. “I don’t have an official role (…) I do what Silicon Valley investors try to do: advising on the margins.”

Jared Birchall, the handyman

It would be, according to Bloomberg, the “fixer” of Elon Musk, his right arm who helps him to conclude his deals and solve his problems. He is the handyman who manages his finances, his security as well as his plane tickets and the nannies of his children, explains the economic media. This former Goldman Sachs and Merrill Lynch bank helped him secure a loan for the takeover of Twitter. This very religious, conservative and discreet man according to Bloomberghas worked alongside Musk since 2016.

Alex Spiro, the lawyer

Elon Musk is hell for lawyers, observes the washington post. “He constantly tweets, chats with celebrities, politicians and strangers. At times, his unserious thoughts collide with the fact that he runs several large companies, including one listed on the stock exchange, resulting in lawsuits and charges. For proof: Tesla has changed lawyers 3 times in the past two years. But Alex Spiro seems to have adapted well to the infernal rhythm of Elon Musk. He has represented the billionaire since 2019. The businessman was then accused of defamation by a British speleologist whom he called a pedophile following the rescue of a little boy in Thailand. Thanks to Spiro, Musk is acquitted.

Alex Spiro would now have an important role at Twitter, explains the Post. He was reportedly actively involved in organizing the mass layoffs, ensuring the company was not sued by tailoring the notices according to each state’s laws.