While waiting for the folding Google Pixel, this video will make you salivate

While waiting for the folding Google Pixel, this video will make you salivate

It’s been known for years that Google is interested in folding smartphones. And today, rumors suggest that the firm is finally ready to take the plunge. While sales of folding smartphones are exploding at Samsung, Google could finally formalize the Pixel Fold or the Pixel Notepad (these two names have been circulating on the web) this year. At the moment, no official information, except for some leaks. However, if Google launches its first folding smartphone in 2023, it is possible that the presentation will take place at Google I / O in May, or in the fall.

In any case, while waiting for this formalization of the folding Google Pixel, leaks and rumors about the device are always more numerous. And precisely, in a recent article, our colleagues from The Verge relay a video published by the youtubeur Dave2D. In this video, this one presents a model which would be that of the folding Pixel. It is not uncommon for shell manufacturers to use this type of model to prepare their products, before the official presentation of a smartphone.

For the general public, when these models leak, they provide a taste. The one presented by Dave2D corroborates previous rumors, and gives us a clear idea of ​​the design that the folding Google Pixel should have. In addition, in his publication, Dave2D edited the video so that we can imagine this model with a screen.

Folding Google Pixel: everything you need to know

Normally, the design of the folding Google Pixel should be closer to that of Oppo’s folding smartphone, than to Samsung’s Galaxy Z Fold 4. And this is a good thing, since we should therefore have a landscape screen when we open the smartphone. On the Galaxy Z Fold 4, the screen opens to a portrait format. And if you want to watch a series, for example, you have to orient the smartphone.

The Pixel Fold’s external screen could have a diagonal of 5.79 inches. It would be shorter, but also wider, than the external screen of Samsung’s Galaxy Z Fold 4. As for the foldable screen, it would have a diagonal of 7.67 inches. Otherwise, regarding the hinge, Google could also opt for a solution close to that of Oppo, which would limit the visibility of crease marks on the screen (the main defect of folding smartphones).

On the back, the folding Pixel should have a camera module quite similar to that of the Pixel 7. But what will really set this device apart from other folding smartphones would be its borders. While other manufacturers try to make the bezels around the foldable display as inconspicuous as possible, the folding Pixel is said to have very thick bezels. But for Dave2D, it could be a way to reduce smartphone manufacturing costs. And moreover, it is on these thick edges (and not on the screen) that Google would place the front camera.

Comparison between the alleged folding Google Pixel model and an Oppo folding smartphone. © Dave2D

In any case, Google risks being criticized because of these borders, unless it can offer the smartphone at a relatively affordable price compared to competing models. In any case, the release of a folding Pixel smartphone should mark the beginning of a new era for this type of device. After the release of its first folding smartphone, Google could indeed pay even more attention to this category when developing versions of Android (new features dedicated to folding smartphones).