What is Google Sheets? : Spreadsheet & Data processing

 What is Google Sheets?  : Spreadsheet & Data processing

Google Sheets is a spreadsheet, a form of Excel, but only available online. Like Google Docs, Google Forms or Google Drawings, it is contained in the free Google Docs Editors package that Google offers.

It can thus be used for the supply of tools and instruments compatible with other types of formats. But, what are the concrete roles that characterize it? In other words, what are precisely the features of this type of spreadsheet ?

Also, what What is the difference between Google Sheets and Excel? then how could we use it? Google Sheetsis it also free? Decryption.

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What are the roles of Google Sheets?

Google Sheets & Excel

Both in terms of structure and functionality, Google Sheets and Excel are two very similar spreadsheets. Indeed, with Google Sheets and from the “Explore” function, you can easily do quick calculations. You can even view information on several cells without having to get in the way. In short, anything that can be done in Excel can be done in Google Sheets and even easier.

Google Sheets also allows you to protect tabs . The Google Sheets document indeed gives the possibility of locking access to certain ranges of data. As a result, you can have control of a file and simultaneously share it with other people without them having access to all the elements of the file.

As long as it is activated, another feature of this spreadsheet also allows you to receive notifications each time your recipient makes changes to the file. Depending on the configuration you would have had to define, these notifications come to your Email box either according to a daily reporteither according to a immediate report .

What is the difference between Google Sheets and Excel?

Google Sheets advantage
Google Sheets advantage

Although Google Sheets and Excel are quite similar spreadsheet programs, they are differentiated by a number of characteristics.

Indeed, Google Sheets, for example, gives several users the possibility of work on the same file simultaneously which is obviously not the case with Excel.

Also, we can also create graphs automatically with Sheets which is again not possible with Excel.

Apart from these two points of significant differences, here are some other remarkable dissimilarities between Excel and Google Sheets:

  • Google Sheets ranks in the document management software category while Excel is used more for work related to accounting;
  • Excel does not offer any native connectorwith third-party apps while Sheets offers one.

It is interesting to note that despite these differences, the two computer products all work for the management of numerical, graphic and textual data.

Google Sheets is a computer tool very easily manipulated. This is also what justifies its adoption by the vast majority of children and computer beginners. Indeed, there is nothing easier than the creating a google sheets spreadsheet . You just have to click on “Create a spreadsheet” and then everything would be played.

When it comes to using the features of the tool, you also won’t have to search because everything is written and configured so that you don’t even need help from an assistant to use. the spreadsheet.

If, however, it happens that you do not find yourself, you will only have to go to the “Help” sectionto ask your questions or go directly to the internet to do your research for understanding.

Is Google Sheets free?

Yes, absolutely free. You just need to have a good connection to be able to access it. So don’t hesitate to make your own experience if necessary.

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