What if Musk leaked Twitter?

What if Musk leaked Twitter?

From Friday, if you want to become a verified user, you will have to take out your credit card.

Now just have to get there!

A few weeks ago, Twitter already tried to set up its new system but there was a bug.

Some malicious users have tried to identify themselves as Jesus, Georges W. Bush, basketball player LeBron James… even Elon Musk himself.

Everything has been reset…

The smart guys had to keep their real names and the big boss had to delay his big launch.

Announced now for Friday.

What needs to change to avoid another failure? The validation method.

Elon Musk has his idea: entrust it to real people.

Humans what. No more robots and their insufficient artificial intelligence.

Each certification request will therefore be individually examined by someone before being validated…

And are we sure it will work better that way?

Well, it is far from certain!

Because of humans, Elon Musk has had a lot less on hand for some time.

The new boss has decimated his company: 7,500 fewer employees, that’s half the workforce…

And among the victims of this degreasing: almost all the moderation teams.

For Musk, artificial intelligence can do the job.

We just realized that it’s not that simple…

And like shit, it flies in squadron: a new problem arises. This problem is called Apple.

In a series of tweets posted overnight, the world’s richest man claims that Apple wants to ban Twitter from iPhones…but doesn’t say why.

In fact, there are two reasons… and he knows them.

The first is the famous Apple commission.

As soon as an application asks its users to pay… you have to go to the toll and give between 15 and 30% to Apple.

Same thing with Google for Android phones.

So much less revenue in the pocket of Twitter.

And then, another area of ​​concern for Apple: a recent influx of hate messages on the platform. Messages that are deleted less and less… for a simple reason… I just told you: there is no one left to do the dirty work.

If I follow you correctly, things are starting to get complicated for Elon Musk…

And it is all the more so as advertising revenues are melting.

An American study has just revealed that 50 of the 100 biggest advertisers have left Twitter.

Clearly, they no longer put a penny to advertise.

To give you an idea, we’re talking about companies that have spent more than $2 billion on the platform over the past two years… and more than $750 million this year alone.

Suffice to say that it could make a big hole in the racket.

Blame it on the vagueness surrounding the future of Twitter.

Where the exit from the Stock Exchange and the taking over of the company by a single man should make it possible to see things more clearly… never has the social network seemed to seek itself out so much.

And it is in this chaotic context that Twitter is looking for an economic model. He who depends 90% on advertising revenue.

In early November, Elon Musk told his employees that bankruptcy was possible.

Something to give grain to grind to those who think that in fact Musk has only one idea in mind: to sink Twitter.