vaccines, Bill Gates, pseudo-remedy… False information and rumors are already circulating

vaccines, Bill Gates, pseudo-remedy… False information and rumors are already circulating

Monkey pox and the AstraZeneca vaccine

“Smallpox is one of the side effects of AstraZeneca”, say Internet users, a particularly widespread infox around the world. As “evidence”, they argue that a “chimpanzee adenovirus” was used to create the vaccine against Covid-19. But the experts interviewed explain that it is totally “unfounded” and that the two pathogens have nothing to do with each other. They belong to different families of viruses (poxvirus for monkey pox and adenovirus for the Covid vaccine).

It is “not possible that this adenovirus transforms” into the virus responsible for monkeypox, explains Teresa Lambe, professor of immunology at the University of Oxford. The adenovirus is used in the vaccine as a vector, that is to say as a simple vehicle to transport the genetic instructions to the cells of the vaccinee, which can then create its immune response against Covid.

And as in other so-called “viral vector” vaccines, the adenovirus has been modified so as not to contaminate the body of the vaccinee, they add. Finally, monkey pox owes its name to the fact that it was first discovered in macaques in 1958, but it is not specific to this species, notes Inserm. It is also found in rodents, for example.

Monkeypox “fomented” by the “elites”

In 2021, NTI, an American organization specializing in the prevention of nuclear and bacteriological risks, organized a simulation of a monkey pox epidemic. The date chosen for this fictional scenario? May 2022. This coincidence is widely exploited to affirm or imply that the multiplication of cases of “monkeypox” was orchestrated. As the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation is one of the many contributors to NTI, the American billionaire – already targeted by numerous conspiracy theses for years – is, moreover, accused of being behind this new health alert.

“For the purposes of the exercise, we wanted to select a pathogen that was plausible in our scenario, and we chose monkeypox from several options proposed by our experts,” explained NTI, who points out that “the risks posed by monkeypox have been well documented for years by many health authorities”. “What should be remembered (from the 2021 simulation, editor’s note) is not the particular pathogen (chosen) in our fictitious scenario, (but) the fact that the world is absolutely unprepared for new future pandemics and that we must act urgently to remedy this weakness,” the organization adds.

Doxycycline, a new pseudo-remedy

Many publications claim that doxycycline, an antibiotic that “cures monkeypox in two days”, would have been banned by order of the Ministry of Health. This is false: the official text does not say that, it authorizes the vaccination – in certain specific cases – of people exposed to the monkeypox virus, and does not mention doxycycline.