Twitter, the nonsense of Elon Musk


Posted Nov 23, 2022, 5:00 PM

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Elon Musk wanted it. He got it. The atypical boss of Tesla who shakes up the codes of the industry, ended up buying Twitter, after several reversals, for 46.5 billion dollars. His first steps were to cut off heads at management and legal, before announcing a massive layoff plan. Knowing that some engineers with key knowledge, too quickly dismissed, were then recalled. Most declined, and many other employees left on their own at the prospect of the chaos that awaited them.

The company now has less than half of its original workforce. But Elon Musk’s $13 billion in debt left him with little choice. Twitter will have to do more with less, warned the new boss. The company’s telecommuting culture has come to a screeching halt. He now talks about “hard-core” rhythm to his teams and expects them to “work long hours at high intensity”. Given all these parameters, some analysts announce no less than the eventual disappearance of the firm with the blue bird.

Trump, the return

As for the subscription system at 8 dollars per month, allowing to switch to an authenticated account, it was very quickly the target of identity theft. One of them made waves on the stock market with the American laboratory Eli Lilly, whose price plunged under false announcements. The function has, for the moment, disappeared from the application and advertisers are fleeing it, for fear of the lack of moderation that reigns there. The takeover of Twitter in the name of freedom of expression that Elon Musk defended has for the moment been limited to the restoration of the account of Donald Trump cut following the assault on the Capitol. It is doubted that democracy will be strengthened by it.

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