Twitter: Elon Musk has a new wacky idea to finally make the social network profitable!

Twitter: Elon Musk has a new wacky idea to finally make the social network profitable!

News JVTech Twitter: Elon Musk has a new wacky idea to finally make the social network profitable!

Constantly looking for new revenue for Twitter, billionaire Elon Musk has mentioned a new avenue to give users of the social network a new opportunity to checkout: auction off certain usernames that could be very popular.

Twitter has a lot of inactive accounts, and this inevitably bothers Elon Musk who constantly wishes to demonstrate that his social network is bubbling with activity. Last December, the billionaire announced that the platform would delete 1.5 billion accounts that have been considered unused for years. “These are accounts that haven’t tweeted and logged in for years”he said on December 9.

We suspect that in this billion and a half accounts, there are usernames that might be of interest to certain people or certain companies. The associated question is therefore the following: will the “usernames” of these deleted accounts suddenly become available again? Here is a beginning of an answer.

Selling Twitter accounts at auction, Elon Musk’s new hobby

The New York Times reports that as early as December 2022, the idea of ​​auctioning certain usernames was mooted in the Twitter offices. Two US media sources indicate that this idea would be of great interest to Elon Muskwhich is always looking for solutions to make Twitter profitable.

As it is, for the time being, above all speculation regarding a potential novelty to come on Twitter, it is impossible to know what form it could take. But it is easy to imagine that certain brands or certain wealthy users of the social network could agree to pay a sum of money to get your hands on an original “username”relevant, or simply very popular.

It could represent a new source of income in addition to advertising, but also the paid subscription Twitter Blue which recently appeared on the platform, and which allows users to have a badge and new features for the sum of 8 dollars per month.

Selling a Twitter account, a prohibited practice

It is interesting to point out thatat present, selling a Twitter account is simply prohibited by the social network. That doesn’t mean nobody does it, but if this approach is discovered by the platform, it may lead to the banning of the account concerned.

This situation could therefore be brought to change if Twitter decides to regulate it. Concretely, the social network could decide to sell user names itself, but also, possibly, to allow users to sell their account via an auction system. Twitter could then take a percentage of the sale in the form of a commission.

For now, Elon Musk has not yet publicly expressed himself on this potential novelty. The current media coverage of this rumor could however push him to do so: we imagine that the billionaire will question his community on this idea: a potential new survey to come?