This video of Jeff Bezos takes on tragic meaning after the testimony of William Shatner

This video of Jeff Bezos takes on tragic meaning after the testimony of William Shatner

William Shatner’s short round trip in space made him aware of the fragility of the Earth, which he now recounts in his book. An old video, where he is with Jeff Bezos on his return to the ground, takes on a different meaning after this testimony.

I only saw death “: as we relate in a previous paper, William Shatner thus describes his experience aboard a Blue Origin capsule. In his autobiographical work, of which Variety publishes an extract, the interpreter of Kirk in star trek tells how this rapid round trip in space made him experience the famous overview effect (overhang effect).

This feeling, well documented because of the number of astronauts who have experienced it, causes deep dismay in those who see the Earth from space. As an awareness of the fragility and rarity of this pale blue dot. There is obviously no need to go into space to grasp the ecological issue, nor even to feel anxiety about it. L’overview effect corresponds to a very specific wave of emotion, linked to this unusual situation in space.

William Shatner does not hesitate to describe a real feeling of mourning, one of the deepest he has experienced. This testimony also makes it possible to perceive differently a scene, which took place during his return to Earth, alongside Jeff Bezos.

The Earth burns, but champagne!

In this video, William Shatner has just landed and is trying to confide in Jeff Bezos in front of the cameras. He shares his impressions and we can already sense that he is troubled — he had just felt everything he describes in his testimony and was about to share it. Opposite, Jeff Bezos, only seems to listen with half an ear, before grabbing a huge bottle of champagne and happily uncorking it with the other guests.

William Shatner remains speechless during the champagne shower. The shift during this short moment is striking. Like the tragic allegory of the billionaires’ lack of interest in the planet, it is palpable how, for Jeff Bezos, this is just a game, a tourist trip at most, which he takes lightly. This scene echoes exactly this passage from the actor’s testimony: It filled me with dread. My space trip was meant to be a celebration; instead it looked like a funeral. »

A few seconds after this sequence, in the complete video, Jeff Bezos still takes the time to listen to William Shatner and the two men embrace when the actor evokes a ” profound experience “. But the discrepancy remains palpable, the billionaire remaining in appearance and not really responding to Shatner’s considerations.

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