This map shows the richest people in the world by country: Elon Musk has to worry

This map shows the richest people in the world by country: Elon Musk has to worry

News JVTech This map shows the richest people in the world by country: Elon Musk has to worry

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Who is the richest person in each country? That’s a very good question! While some answers may seem obvious (hello Elon Musk and Bernard Arnault), others are much more complex!

The richest people in the world by country, united on a single map

If we often talk to you about Tech giants like Google, Amazon, Meta or even Microsoft, we talk to you much less often about the people behind these multinationals. Well, we grant you, Elon Musk is an exception. The Tesla and Twitter CEO loves sharing his life and ideas on social media so much, it’s almost impossible to ignore him when talking about tech. But, outside of Elon Musk and the United States, who are the richest people in each country?

Well, good news, the site Visual Capitalist recently uploaded a map listing the richest people by country. Created by Truman Du and edited by Carmen Ang, this map helps us see more clearly in the world of billionaires. Unfortunately – and as often when it comes to cards – some data is missing. Nevertheless, and unlike the annual Forbes ranking (for example), this map allows us to see something other than American business leaders, since only Elon Musk appears on this map.

NB : This map was published last December and therefore does not take into account the latest changes in fortunes (data dating from November 28, 2022).

The map of the richest personalities of each country

so here’s the map which shows the richest personalities of each country. As we explained to you above, some countries do not have data, for the simple reason that of the 195 officially recognized countries in the world, only 76 are home to billionaires.

Credit: Visual Capitalist

From this map, we can draw many conclusions, starting with the number of men and women who are billionaires. In effect, of the 76 billionaires on the map, only 7 are women. Among them, we find in particular the singer Rihanna who is the richest person in Barbados, or Gina Rinehart (Australia).

In addition, the author of the publication indicates that the United States (900) and China (400) are the two countries with the highest concentration of billionaires. On Uncle Sam’s side, it’s Elon Musk which dominates the debates while on the side of the Middle Kingdom, it is zhong shanshanthe founder of beverage company Nongfu Spring, which tops the ranking.

It should also be noted that some heads of state – in the Gulf countries in particular – could be the richest people in their respective countries. But as you might expect, their fortunes are often a state secret. Finally, and as you might have guessed, Bernard Arnault, the chairman and CEO of the luxury group LVMH, is the richest French billionaire.