The Twitter account that follows Elon Musk’s jet found a new way to annoy him

The Twitter account that follows Elon Musk's jet found a new way to annoy him

The Twitter account called ElonJet has been suspended from the social network, because Elon Musk accuses it of endangering its security. To circumvent this ban, the developer behind the project has created a new account that respects the new rules of Twitter: we see the movements of the jet, but 24 hours later.

His name is “ ElonJet, but delayed and it’s the new initiative of Jack Sweeney, the student developer whose projects become big pebbles in Elon Musk’s shoe. The American comes, this December 22, 2022, from create a new Twitter account dedicated to relaying the movements of the billionaire’s private jet, which cannot be banned, because it respects the new rules of the social network.

To understand the comicality of this return to Twitter, you have to go back ten days. On December 14, Elon Musk, the new boss of Twitter, asked for the suspension of the ElonJet account, which had been sharing the location of its private jet for two years, almost in real time.

The Twitter account, held by Jack Sweeney, aggregates data that is 100% public: aircraft flights are tracked, and the number N628TS (Musk’s jet) is no exception to this rule. The aim of initiatives like Sweeney’s is not so much to find out what the Tesla boss is doing in real time, but to show that he does not skimp on extremely polluting journeys, as is the case with many billionaires, who love traveling by private jet. Regarding Musk, the contradiction is even sweeter, as he boasts, via Tesla, of creating products that help the environment and, de facto, humanity.

Elon Musk changes the rules as soon as he feels the urge // Source: Numerama

Attention, new rule!

Barely weeks after taking over Twitter, Elon Musk banned Sweeney’s account, claiming people could use it to track his movements and harass him. He then invented a new rule: it would now be forbidden to share a location on Twitter in real time.

This instruction is impossible to respect, so many Internet users constantly share images of other citizens – a Twitto, for example, pointed out that when Musk was booed at the Dave Chappelle show, many spectators present in the room tweeted him in real time, thus “revealing” his whereabouts.

What followed was a lunar week, during which Musk accused all the journalists he disliked of being responsible for “doxing” — the act of willfully releasing personal information online so that the targeted person get bullied in real life. Even if it was wrong, some were banned for a few hours from the platform – some are still banned, without explanation.

To get around the new Twitter rules without breaking them, Jack Sweeney launched a clever new account: ElonJet, but 24 hours later. Thus, he cannot be accused of doxing, but his initiative remains relevant: to show how much Elon Musk pollutes the planet every day with his private jet trips, sometimes for only a few tens of minutes.