The secret meeting between Emmanuel Macron and Elon Musk was (a little) played out in Seine-et-Marne

The secret meeting between Emmanuel Macron and Elon Musk was (a little) played out in Seine-et-Marne

It is a Seine-et-Marnais who was the linchpin of the meeting between Emmanuel Macron and Elon Musk, the boss of Tesla and Twitter ©Élysée

What is the connection between Seine-et-Marne and an summit meeting Between Emmanuel Macron and Elon Muskthe boss of Tesla and Twitter in the USA? At first glance, the link is not obvious, although the boss of the company had considered creating the first GigaFactory You’re here near Melun (she finally landed in Berlin)…

The head-to-head between Macron and Musk organized by a Seine-et-Marnais

But this time it’s on the side from Fontainebleau, which must be sought. Cédric Thoma, elected opposition member in this commune, was the linchpin of this meetingwhich took place on Friday, December 2, in New Orleans (Louisiana), as part of the American tour of the Head of State.

“Elon Musk and Emmanuel Macron had already met when the latter was still Minister of the Economy, indicates Cédric Thoma, director institutional relations for France at Tesla. They both wanted to see each other again and it was necessary to find an opportunity to make their agendas coincide. »

The meeting was therefore held in the greatest of secrets on American soil. “Emmanuel Macron was stopping off in New Orleans for a sequence on the Francophonie, recalls Cédric Thoma. It’s not very far from Tesla’s headquarters in Texas, which made it possible to consider the meeting. »

The one-on-one, which lasted an hour, took place in a hall of the New Orleans Art Museum. Several topics were discussed, including that of moderation on social networks.

“Transparent terms of use, significant reinforcement of content moderation and protection of freedom of expression: Twitter must make the effort to comply with European regulations”

Emmanuel Macron on Twitter, on the sidelines of the meeting

A message sent to the one who bought Twitter last October, before proceeding with a wave of layoffs. “We will work with Twitter to improve the protection of children online. Elon Musk confirmed it to me today, ”continued Emmanuel Macron.

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But it was another subject that was at the heart of the discussion: that of the decarbonization of the transport and energy sector. “The industrial issues related to the development of electric vehicles, from the extraction of ores, to refining, through the question of battery cells”, list Cédric Thoma.

The president of Disney in the delegation

Because in the United States, the establishment of subsidies for companies that produce “clean” technologies on their soil worries even Europe. ” It’s’inflation reduction act (Inflation Reduction Act which includes a component on the creation of clean energy in the United States, editor’s note) which is feared in Europe, for fear that investors will settle in the USA to benefit from aid”, summarizes Cédric Thoma.

Elon Musk and Emmanuel Macron exchanged their numbers and promised to meet again soon. As for Cédric Thoma, he returned to France with the French delegation. He was not the only “Seine-et-Marnais” to make the trip: Natasha Rafalski, the president from Disneyland Paris was also in the game.

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