The new Google HD Maps for cars is way too good

The new Google HD Maps for cars is way too good

Google will offer an HD version of Google Maps, with an ultra-modern interface, reminiscent of that of Tesla cars. The Volvo brand will be the first to benefit.

We love to say it: car manufacturers know how to make cars, but are clearly behind in terms of user interface. This is why a manufacturer like Volvo preferred to turn to Google to develop the ecosystem of its new cars. This rapprochement will gain in depth in the future with the arrival of HD maps from Google, a hyper modern visualization of the car’s environment.

In a press release published on January 5, 2023, Volvo is proud to announce that it will be the first to benefit from it – with the imposing EX90 SUV. The Polestar branch will follow with the Polestar 3. But other market players could join in, as long as their vehicles rely on Google Automotive Services. This software suite allows infotainment to access Google Assistant, Google Maps or Google Play Store natively, without the need to go through a phone (Android Auto).

Google HD Maps is reminiscent of the interface of Tesla cars

According to the first visuals provided by Volvo, Google HD Maps is very reminiscent of the interface of Tesla cars (ahead of the competition). Specifically, the screen, located behind the steering wheel in the case of the EX90, shows a very detailed virtual environment. Lanes, markings on the ground, other road users, target zone in the event of a lane change, car reproduced to perfection: everything is there, and the sleek design is very pretty. Google HD Maps also provides essential information, such as the current speed, the maximum authorized speed or the remaining autonomy. In terms of indications, it is rather very complete.

To ensure that all data is accurate and updated in real time, Google HD Maps communicates with the car’s sensors. ” This traffic information combined with data from the LiDAR and other Volvo EX90 sensors will be processed by the car’s central computing system. says Volvo. It is necessary that the hardware and the software act in concert to offer such advanced functionalities. This is what Apple dreams of with the future CarPlay presented last September. It implies that the car manufacturer complies with the software requirements of the tech supplier (Google here).

Google and Volvo see more than just improving visual comfort when driving. This hyper-modern interface will be used mainly for autonomous driving, since it also aims to “ improve the car’s understanding of its environment “. In short, it’s very beautiful for the eyes, but it’s above all essential to make the car smarter, by translating what it sees (with its sensors) into safe behavior.

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