The Google Search Console trick to boost the visibility of your blog


If you have decided to keep a blog, it is certainly that you have understood its high potential. It can be summed up in three words: visibility, conversion and expertise. However, writing without a readership can quickly become daunting. Part of the solution lies in the use of a tool unknown to neophytes. Discover in this article, the Google Search Console trick to boost the visibility of your blog.

Why is blogging trending again?

You certainly remember the Skyblog era, when many people liked to keep a blog like a diary. If it is a bygone habit today, we could however wonder if these were not the premises of blogging as we know it today.

Give advice, nest your blog in a particular theme… Some have even become influencers! However, with the fashion for short content (understand consumable content quickly), blog articles have been put aside. But today, they are back in force!

But then, how can we explain all these variations in popularity? If short content can captivate an audience and capture new prospects, blog articles allow a company to establish its expertise. It is the ideal format to provide more information, to position yourself as a referent and ultimately to convert. So much so that some have specialized in this area and offer very effective and professional tools to create a free blog in no time.

What is Google Search Console?

Google Search Console is the essential tool for any webmaster. If you only have a blog, it is also very useful.

To use it, you will have to link your website to this console. Once this is done, you will have access to data relating to the health of your website. But what interests us here is the indexing part. Indeed, you will be able to check that your website (and therefore your blog articles) are well indexed.

How to boost the visibility of my blog with Google Search Console?

So, of course, you have already understood that it is important to use the Google Search Console to monitor the indexing of your web pages as well as your articles. But in sum, what does this really mean?

If your website does not appear when you type a query that is specific to you on search engines, it may be that Google has simply never indexed you. In other words, no need to wait to see your site go up on the pages of Google. At best it will take a very long time, at worst it will never happen.

To boost the visibility of your blog with the Google Search Console you must submit your URL to the tool. In other words, with each new article, get into the habit of going to Google Search Console and asking it to index your new article. You will save a considerable amount of time!

Indexing is the first key to the success of your SEO. Luckily, Google Search Console is a fairly intuitive tool that is easy to use. Try it out instead!