The Google Assistant is an intelligent personal assistant type online service

The Google Assistant is an intelligent personal assistant type online service

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Google Smart Personal Assistant

As its name suggests, Google Assistant is Google’s voice assistant. Personally designed, the Google Assistant is activated by the voice command “Ok Google”.

With a simple question, Google is able to provide answers to all your questions. Just ask him verbally. Zoom in on the Google Assistant.

activate the Google Assistant
activate the Google Assistant

Before activating the Google Assistant, you should make sure that the device you plan to use meets the stated minimum requirements which are essential for the proper functioning of the entire system. So your phone must have:

  • an operating system with a version of Android that is equal to or greater than 6.0;
  • a Google app version 13 or later;
  • a Google Play service;
  • a RAM of at least 1.5 GB;
  • a screen resolution of at least 720p;
  • a variety of languages ​​supported by Google Assistant (English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Spanish and Portuguese).

Once these conditions are met, you can activate the Google Assistant. To do this, you must start the application by pressing the icon in the form of a “G” of colors placed in the device drawer. It will then be necessary to press the “≡” button located at the top left (or bottom right) and choose the item adjustments in the sidebar displayed on the screen.

Now press the voice. The adjustments item is right at the bottom of the Google Assistant section. Scroll down the page and choose the name of the device in use and bring the levers related to the function “Google Assistant” and “Connect” with Voice Match in EN.

In addition, if until then you have not yet activated the “Connect” function with Voice Match, you must create a voice impression to allow the assistant to recognize only the commands given by your voice. After this step, you must touch the “start” button and say the phrase “OK Google” three times in a row.

Also consider activating the Unlock with Voice Match input if you want to start the assistant even when the screen is off. Now that the assistant is set up, you need to remember it by holding down the “home” button for a few seconds or saying the phrase “OK Google” while holding the phone nearby.

Where is the Google Assistant?

To find the Google Assistant, you need to go to the Google app and click on the ≡ button which is located either at the top left or bottom right. You will find the Google Assistant section.

What are the functions of the Google Assistant?

Google Assistant functions
Google Assistant functions

The Google Assistant is set up to perform conversational interactions. To help you, here are some tasks you can do with the Google Assistant:

  • Find online information, restaurant directions and reservations, as well as weather and news;
  • Set up your timers and reminders;
  • Make appointments and send messages;
  • Translate spoken sentences in real time;
  • Open apps on your phone;
  • Access your calendar information and other personal information;
  • Control your devices and smart home;
  • Control your music;
  • Book your plane ticket and plan your stay.

The “continuous conversation” mode is the advantage with the Google Assistant. Thanks to this feature, you don’t have to repeat between each “Hey Google” or “Ok Google” request. An engaged and fluent discussion comes after you start talking to Google.

The Google Assistant additionally comes with voice recognition functionality. The latter allows Google to recognize the voice profiles of people who use it and adapt these responses to each. You also have the possibility of asking him several things at the same time.

Finally, the Google Assistant has the multi-language option with which you can change the language with a simple command. You either have more than 10 languages ​​available.

Can I talk to the Google Assistant?

It is indeed possible to speak with the Google Assistant by starting a conversation. Once the Google Assistant is activated, all you have to do is press and hold the home button or say “Hey Google” or “Ok Google”. Then, you will have to ask your question or place an order.

Google being automatic, intelligent and informed, it will react accordingly. You can conduct a real dialogue with a voice containing more power.

What is the difference between Google Home and Google Assistant?

What can Google home do for me?
What can Google home do for me?

There is a difference between Google Home and Google Assistant. This difference is in the fact that Google Home is a smart speaker. This makes him a physical technology belonging to the material section. On the other hand, Google Assistant is a software compatible with Google Home.

Google speakers

Google also offers you connected speakers to take advantage of the Google Assistant in another way. Here are two speakers that we invite you to discover.

Google Nest Mini connected speaker

In Google’s speaker catalog, the Google Nest Mini is the smallest and most accessible. It is easy to install and its sound power is suitable for medium-sized rooms, such as a bedroom, an office or a kitchen. It has good voice recognition. This model is the ideal choice if you want a small, discreet speaker that easily recognizes your voice.

Google Nest Audio smart speaker

This speaker emphasizes the quality of music streaming. The Google Nest Audio is the one for you if you primarily want to listen to music with your Google Nest. It offers 75% sound power and has deep bass

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