the future Google smartphone is unveiled

the future Google smartphone is unveiled

In 2013, Google decided to become a real smartphone manufacturer, launching its first Pixel smartphone. And since then, the brand has continued to evolve. In 2021, the firm has moved up a gear by presenting the Pixel 6 series, its first smartphones equipped with Google Tensor smartphones in place of a Qualcomm Snapdragon chip. Then, in 2022, with the Pixel 7 series, Google bet even more on artificial intelligence and photography (especially on the Pixel 7 Pro).

The good news is that next year, Google should further improve the performance of its smartphones, while expanding its offer. For the moment, Google has not yet mentioned its plans for 2023. But in a recent article, our colleagues from Android Authority cite a source, they believe reliable, who would have shared the plans of Google Pixel for 2023, but also for 2024. Apparently, Google is still planning a lot of changes for its brand of smartphones.

2023: what is likely to change

In its article, Android Authority corroborates previous rumors that Google will release two smartphones in the first half (around the Google I/O event). The code names for these two devices would be “lynx” and “felix”, which would correspond to the Pixel 7a and the Pixel Fold, Google’s first folding smartphone. As for the price, the Pixel 7a would have the same price as the Pixel 6a. But compared to its predecessor, according to previous rumors, the Pixel 7a would have new technologies, such as wireless charging, as well as a 90Hz screen.

As for the Pixel Fold, it would have a price close to that of Samsung’s Galaxy Z Fold. And later, in the fall of 2023, Google is expected to unveil its next flagships: the Pixel 8 and Pixel 8 Pro. Naturally, compared to the Pixel 7 series, both of these devices would have a new processor (the Tensor G3 chip?). Otherwise, for the Pixel 8, Google would offer a more compact format, with a smaller screen, while the Pixel 8 Pro would have more or less the same dimensions as the Pixel 7 Pro.

2024: the beginning of serious things?

Unfortunately, according to Android Authority’s source, Google wouldn’t rule out the possibility of canceling the Pixel 8a, its 2024 mid-range smartphone. In essence, the firm would decide whether or not to release this device based on future sales. Pixel 7a in 2023. If sales of the Pixel 7a do not satisfy Google, it could take inspiration from Apple and release a mid-range device every two years.

On the other hand, in the fall of 2024, Google could release three high-end smartphones instead of two. In essence, in addition to the Pixel 9 and the Pixel 9 Pro, Google could offer another model with all the features of the Pixel 9 Pro, but in a more compact format. Again, the Mountain View firm would be inspired by Apple.

And still according to Android Authority, Google would decide what to do next depending on the sales of these devices in 2023 and 2024. But as usual, since this information does not come from an official source (from Google), caution remains bet. Moreover, Android Authority indicates that if it was able to verify this information, Google’s plans are not yet final. And some elements could still be changed. What is certain is that Google should bet even more on hardware in the coming years.