“The father was violent. He beat me even during my honeymoon”

Toute lhistoire de Maye mere dElon Musk Le pere

Sometimes memoirs, sometimes a help book, sometimes a nutrition help manual. On January 12, “A Woman Must Have a Plan” was released in Italy, written by Maye Musk and published by Giunti Editore.

“A woman must have a plan. This is how Maye Musk, 74, chose to name his book, released in Italy on January 12 by Giunti Editore. Five chapters, nearly 200 pages to tell a life that might have been interesting even without the relationship with one of the most influential entrepreneurs of recent years. A dietitian, model and mother of three, Maye has lived in eight cities in three countries, emerged from a marriage with an abusive man and repeatedly found herself in empty apartments with a life to rebuild. She was born and married in South Africa, then lived between Canada and the United States. The book falls somewhere between biography and helphelp, with a final variation towards nutritional advice.

First person narrator. Very short sentences. Recommendations inserted in each paragraph. Some examples. “Better to be interesting than beautiful. On my tombstone, I would rather say Era Simpatica rather than Era Bellissima. “You don’t have to have style, just find a friend who has it”. “Always wear sunscreen! If you don’t protect yourself from the sun, you are in trouble. “Before a cookie, eat three apples. At the first you will be satisfied”.

Elon and the two brothers Kimbal and Tosca

Maye Musk, née Haldeman, fathered three children in “three years and three weeks”. Elon is the first, then Kimbal and Tosca arrived. Even if the most anticipated details of this volume concerned precisely the relationship with Elon, it must be recognized that Maye Musk was martial in the dissemination of anecdotes. The three children have the same space and, at least from what we can read, also the same affection.

The book speaks of Elon as a precocious genius, already able to program video games at the age of 12 and send them to industry agencies. But we also talk about Kimbal’s attention to cooking which will then lead him to manage a series of restaurants or Tosca’s attention to singing and music. Now she works as a film producer.

Net of fair share, there are a few anecdotes about Elon Musk, although they are already known given that the first English edition of these memoirs began circulating in 2019. One of them concerns advice given by Maye to Elon and Kimbal when they were working on Zip2, their first company. The company’s project was to create a system of road maps with automatic directions on the route to follow to reach a destination. Basically a precursor to Google Maps.

“While they were setting up the company, I tried to take a trip with instructions printed from the program. I got to the Distinction but couldn’t go back because there was no going back on the road – it was full of one-way streets. We needed directions for the return, and after my experience, the boys added them to the program”.

Zip2 was Elon Musk’s first hit. Founded in 1995, it had already collaborated in 1998 with more than 160 newspapers and magazines, to which it provided various services. In February 1999, it was acquired by Compaq Computer for 305 million dollars: Elon and Kimbal earned respectively 22 and 15 million dollars. The same year, Elon Musk helped found PayPal.

Family and adventures in the desert

The best passages of “A woman must have a plan” below all dedicated to the family. There are stories of Maye’s childhood adventures. A sweet moment made of trips aboard a small plane piloted by Father Joshua Haldeman, a chiropractor passionate about aviation. Here we also read about vacations in search of lost cities that kids usually only stop to imagine.

“Every July, when it’s winter in South Africa, my family goes in search of the lost city of the Kalahari. At the time, Botswana was still called Bechuanaland. Sometimes my father took the plane and my mother followed him in the car. We were spending three weeks in the Kalahari Desert. The mother loaded on board food, water and gasoline for three weeks and five children”.

The meeting with Errol Musk

The sweetness of childhood stories freezes with the arrival of Errol Musk, the man who would later marry and become the father of her only three children. Errol is portrayed from the start as a violent man, beginning with an arranged marriage virtually without Maye’s knowledge. With Musk’s future father, the problems already started during the honeymoon.

“It was during my honeymoon that he hit me for the first time. I was shocked. I wanted to leave but I couldn’t. He had my passport. Or again, when Elon was born: “The nurse said to my husband: ‘Care his back. It will relieve you. ” ” What do you mean? ” Answered him. “She should stroke it for me. Look at the stool you gave me. I leave. Call me five minutes before I give birth”.

After ten years of violence, Maye manages to divorce. Over the years, he moved with his children first to Canada and then to the United States. Errol is no longer mentioned in the book. The man is still alive, he should be 77 years old today, but he keeps well away from the spotlight. However, in her book, Maye recounts that years later she met Sue, Errol’s second wife.

“We went to a cocktail party together, where he introduced me to people and said, ‘This is Maye Musk. She was married to my ex for ten years, then I moved in with him for ten minutes. And we laughed. People didn’t understand why but we didn’t care. We forgot everything while laughing.