Tesla: Who is Tom Zhu, the man who rose through the ranks to become Elon Musk’s right-hand man?

Tesla : qui est Tom Zhu, l’homme qui a grimpé les échelons pour devenir le bras droit d’Elon Musk ?

News JVTech Tesla: Who is Tom Zhu, the man who rose through the ranks to become Elon Musk’s right-hand man?

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Elon Musk is the headliner of Tesla for many reasons, but you surely don’t know the number 2 of the American multinational, an emblematic figure internally who knew how to rise in the upper spheres: portrait of Tom Zhu.

Tesla: Tom Zhu, a straight man in his boots

It is easily recognized by its look, which hardly changes from day to day: more than simplistic hairstyle, glasses, overalls under his flocked fleece jacket with the Tesla logo. If you’re trying to find it in a photo of Tesla employees celebrating a new production milestone, look no further. He knows how to be discreet. His broken gait is a result of his short nights spent on the sofa in the office, where he spends most of his time.

A workaholic, who does not seek to show off with corporate pageantry such as a suit, tie or expensive shoes. When we see him wandering the aisles of the factory, passing between the operators who will live Tesla, he seems to be just another team leader, perhaps in charge of assembling the windshields.

But the reality is quite different. Tom Zhu is not an average employee, since he is company number 2. Nothing really official, but according to many reliable sources such as Reuters, CNBC or Business Insider, it is the most influential figure in society after Elon Musk. A real heavyweight who does not seem to have any other interlocutor to whom he must respond but… Elon Musk.

Those who know him describe him as pragmatic, very reactive, tenacious and having no scruples to face the difficulties by redoubling the work.

This man represents the exact opposite of the billionaire megalomaniac. Almost never in the spotlight, it is nevertheless of capital importance, given that it evolves in a more than complicated context for Tesla. The brand of electric and self-driving cars hasn’t met its sales targets, its stock market listing is disappointing and Elon Musk’s obsession with Twitter is not going over well with shareholders.

Tom Zhu, in the wake of Musk

Arrived 10 years ago in the company, the 45-year-old man is responsible in 2014 for launching the network of Superchargers, a point not to be overlooked to establish its dominance in the electric car market. His culture of hard work allowed him to ramp up quickly. In just one year, Zhu becomes head of operations in China. The result: the Shanghai factory in China is the first major structure outside the USA for Tesla.

In July 2022, Tom simply becomes the head of Tesla’s activities in Asia. Rumors were quick to drag on, with some saying he would be the company’s first replacement as CEO. But it is above all Bloomberg which underlines thatToday, Tom Zhu oversees production, sales and service worldwide. Only a few steps left to replace Elon at the helm…