Suspension of journalists’ Twitter accounts: “Elon Musk only defends his own interests”

Suspension of journalists' Twitter accounts:

Elon Musk has suspenda the accounts of several American journalists. How can this arbitrary decision be explained?

It should be noted that deleted accountss are accounts of hyper competent journalists, who only report what is happening on twitter. They have relayed those who criticize Elon Musk, but they are not themselves “opponents” at this last.

We talk about the best tech journalists, like CNN’s Donie O’Sullivan, who was the only one to to be betweene at the Capitol with QAnon at the time of the Jan. 6 assault. Elon Musk has decided to show his fangs, quite strongly and immediately. And this risks setting a precedent.

Given Elon Musk’s sulphurous personality, does that surprise you?

Deprive users of tweter analyzes of journalists like Donie OSullivan is a mistake strategicbecause those who go on the platform often do for sto inform. But this decision does not surprise me, because anyone who sees Twitter as anything other than a private company and in Elon Musk something other thana boss egocentric and monomaniac are mistaken. Musk has no democratic obligation: he only defends his own interests.

The European Union has launchede this friday a warning at Elon Musk, stating that such practices could at the future be submitted at sanctions under the new European legislation (DSA), which will come into force during the course of next year. Are these new regulations going in the right direction?

The whole question is to know which activities of Twitter will be covered by the new legislation. Take the example of Facebook. The platform has representation in Europe and France, but its offices in France do not handle questions of personal data or advertising targeting. They only deal with communication and business, while personal data is managed at abroad, which makes it possible to escape European legislation.

The same problem will arise for Twitter. At the moment, the GAFAMs are in the process of reorganizing their activities in Europe in anticipation of the new law, which will certainly pose constraints for the digital giants, but which will also have to deal with the creativity of the latter in terms of exoneration from their responsibilities.

Elon Musk is Between in a political showdown with the representatives of the Democratic left. Do you think the takeover of Twitter in October helpede at politicize the platform?

Elon Musk has long been a defender of the Alt-right, a supporter of a very radical line. What should be noted is that Twitter does not have a competitor from the left. Today there is no equivalent would bring together people on the left, while supporters of the right and the extremeeme right can exchange on three other social networks (Parle, Truth Social, Gab).

The most extreme influencers are therefore no longer on Twitter. However, if Elon Musk’s foot calls to the fareme right are an extension of his ideology, his goal is to bring back all those who lefte the platform in recent years. Elon Musk is a businessman, but he also has political ambition.

Two months after the acquisition of Twitter for 44 billion dollars, what is your assessment?

It’s terrifying, all points of view. Since the takeover, we no longer know what the applicable rules are, particularly in terms of content moderation. Lare 62,000 accounts suspended before Musk’s takeover were closedes because they had broken the rules of the network. Today is the big blur.

But it would be wrong to believe that Elon Musk is more of a danger to democracy than a Mark Zuckerberg or a Jeff Bezos. Social networks as a whole pose a huge challenge to us, because they are baseds on emotion, splitting and violence. Their algorithms are often aberrant. For example, why did Facebook decidee to prohibit nipples while it authorizes the diffusion of cross gammeare you? We have to find a way to put these platforms in front of theirs responsibilities, applying the same rules to them as to the traditional media.