Scandal! Tesla staged the demos of its Autopilot

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The software director said Tesla’s autopilot demos are a big show.

In 2016, Tesla uploaded a video showing the prowess of autopilot. One of his vehicles was then driving on a pre-established route and obeying the traffic lights. In reality, the car didn’t really drive itself like the company has led us to believe.

The Tesla demos of the autopilot, a staging

Ashk Elluswamy, the director of Tesla’s Autopilot software surprised the public by revealing the scene in which they engaged. The video Full Self-Driving Hardware on All Teslas of 2016 was dedicated to illustrating what was possible with the assistance system to Autopilot driving.

Elon Musk, the CEO of Tesla, tweeted the video commenting then “Tesla drives itself”. The vehicle then drove itself and parked after avoiding obstacles and obeying traffic lights. The video then began with an announcement that the driver was only there for legal reasons and in reality, he is not doing anything. So the ad seemed to explicitly state that the car was driving by itself. Moreover, Elon Musk himself clearly specified it in his tweet.

However, according to Elluswamy, the demonstration involved a pre-determined route with additional pre-mapped information for driving. More clearly, Tesla’s autopilot was unable to plan dynamic routes. The firm’s engineers therefore had to draw a precise route that the vehicle then took for the promotional video.

All this mishmash would, according to Bloomberg, have received the approval of Elon Musk himself. He allegedly sent an email saying that since the video was a demo, he should hardcode some of it. The production code will then be finalized in an OTA update. The Tesla CEO then allegedly claimed that the video will then be presented as what a Tesla will be able to do. The viewer should therefore not understand that this is what he would be entitled to upon receipt of this assistance.

ODD breach another shocking point in Tesla’s self-driving system

The admission isn’t the only shocking part of Elluswamy’s testimony. The engineer reportedly admitted not knowing basic safety considerations such as the operational design domain as SDGs.

Note that the ODD is considered the key to security autonomous vehicles by the Society of Automotive Engineers.

In any case, one can legitimately ask the question if Elon Musk uses the Autopilot with his children on board.