Sales 2023: This Google device is mandatory and reduced by €30

Soldes 2023 : Cet appareil de Google est obligatoire et baisse de 30€

News good deal Sales 2023: This Google device is mandatory and reduced by €30

Google now has a complete range to equip your home and today we are going to look at a tool that everyone must have at home and which takes advantage of the winter sales 2023 to drop in price.

Sales 2023: A carbon monoxide detector by Google

A few years ago Google started in the tech world with a simple search engine. With the years, the firm has become essential and offers a range of products of all kinds to accompany you in your daily life.

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Whether through smartphones with the Google Pixel and even more broadly with Android, also present in connected watches and televisions, the firm has also looked into smart speakers and more generally into the world of the connected home. The goal is to accompany you in your daily life to simplify your life.

Here we will see that Google has pushed the connected home also in the field of security with a smoke detector. Device that it is now mandatory to have at home, Google has combined it with a carbon monoxide detector to optimize the security aspect.

On the occasion of the 2023 winter sales, Rue du Commerce offers you savings on this tool that can save your life. Indeed, it is usually marketed at a price of €129.99, but you will be able to benefit from a €30 discount. Thereby the device is found at € 99.99 during these sales.

Sales 2023: Google optimizes an essential tool

So of course, there are smoke detectors that are much cheaper but which are also much more rudimentary and are content to give an audible alert in the event of smoke. here Google uses its know-how in the connected universe in order to optimize this tool.

First of all, the smoke detector is coupled with a carbon monoxide detectoran odorless but deadly gas that claims the lives of a hundred people each year in France.

This detector is able to determine the source of a fire and its characteristics. Thanks to its dual spectrum sensor you will know if your house is in the grip of a slow or fast burning fire. The other advantage of such a device is its connectivity. Indeed, even in the absence you will be notified on your smartphone so that the emergency services can be called.

Thanks to its night light function, it is also useful in everyday life at night and will be able to guide your way in case of problems. Easy to install thanks to the support provided with it, you benefit from 10 years of life for the carbon monoxide sensor. An interesting tool who takes advantage of this sales period.

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