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Rohff pousse un coup de gueule contre Elon Musk qui défend Emmanuel Macron !

On his Twitter account, Rohff pushed a big rant against Elon Musk who defended Emmanuel Macron!

The pension reform continues to annoy the French, but also celebrities, like the rapper Rohff. The latter is so angry that he attacked Elon Musk who defended Emmanuel Macron on social networks!

Elon Musk defends Emmanuel Macron

The pension reform continues to annoy the French. Indeed, President Emmanuel Macron announced the news: “This year will be the year of a pension reform applied from the end of the summer … From the summer of 2023, we will have to shift the legal age by four months per year “.

The whole of France is crying foul. On January 10, Elisabeth Borne, the Prime Minister, presented theThe government’s pension reform project. This annoys the rapper Rohff!

And for good reason ! The project will therefore be presented to the National Assembly on February 6.

So from September 1, 2023, the legal retirement age will be shifted by three months per year to reach 64 in 2030. One thing is certain, this annoys Rohff to the highest degree.

And for good reason ! Emmanuel Macron refuses to change his bill.

So as impressive as it may seem, Elon Musk congratulated the President of the Republic. So he posted the following message:

“Macron is doing the difficult, but fair thing. The retirement age of 62 was set when life expectancy was much shorter. It is impossible for a small number of workers to support a massive number of retirees. Here is which made the rapper Rohff react. We tell you more below.

Rohff angry at Elon Musk

It’s a speechwho had the gift of annoying rapper Rohff! Indeed, he did not appreciate that Elon Musk took the floor to defend the President of the Republic.

“A billionaire who defends Manu and the pension law… What a coincidence! The same who buys boxes to lay off everyone for the benefit of HIS capital. Elon Musk your reality is not French. Take care of deleting Twitter bots instead of deleting family lives”.

In the comments, the opinions are very negative. Internet users attack Rohff: “ Another unsolved subject. But you retired the so-called rapper”, “And you think we buy companies to lose big money? Another subject that you do not master and on which you want to buzz. Was your danew phone free? Whatever even free no one would have taken Your bercy was free? Your CD albums? » However, many Internet users also defend the rapper.

One thing is certain, the pension reform continues to be debated.

And it could go on for a long time! Because the President of the Republic refuses to change the retirement age…

In the meantime, Rohff explained the reason for which he canceled 9 of his 10 concerts. “My audience doesn’t run out and buy tickets months in advance. He wakes up at the last moment. We’ve never done a full Zénith in 3 days, but that’s why we canceled or postponed dates in the end. We have to rebuild, it’s not easy with my legal setbacks”

But Rohff fans are hoping he will reschedule dates very soon.