Resignation from Twitter: Elon Musk comes out of silence after losing his poll

Resignation from Twitter: Elon Musk comes out of silence after losing his poll

What if polls about Twitter rules were only for people who spend $8 a month on a paid subscription? Elon Musk is in favor of it. A way of saying that the results of the poll concerning his resignation should not be valid? In any case, he considers the theory that his survey was rigged by an onslaught of bots “interesting”.

Good idea. Twitter will make this change. The first Elon Musk tweet since December 20, 2022 in the morning was highly anticipated, and it is like the billionaire: full of contradictions.

It had been a few hours since the most important survey that the new boss of Twitter had ever published ended: he simply proposed his resignation at the head of the social network. ” Should I step down from running Twitter? I will follow the results of this survey “, he had tweeted on December 18. 24 hours later, the results were in, shatteringly clear: the “yes” vote won with 57.5% of the vote.

Since then, silence. Or almost.

To understand the extent of the frenzy that is currently taking hold of Elon Musk, we must not only look at his tweets, but also at his responses to other users of the platform. This is where many media spotted the billionaire’s new idea: that only subscribers to Twitter Blue, Twitter’s paid subscription service, can vote in polls that concern Twitter’s rules and terms of use.

Bots that would have “tampered” with Elon Musk’s survey?

Should we see in this a regret for having put his destiny at the head of the platform in the hands of millions of Internet users (17 million responded to the survey)? One thing is certain, Musk is clearly doubtful. In another tweet, he said he found “interesting” the thesis of one of his fans, according to which an army of bots could have come and ransacked the poll to force Musk to withdraw.

As usual, these accusations are not supported by any facts. But the boss of SpaceX and Tesla seems to have put on his best blinders so as not to face the facts: he himself stretched the stick to be forced to resign.

It’s worth pointing out, however, that Musk has always considered stepping down as the head of Twitter, though probably not as soon after taking the reins.

Will he really give in to the famous ” vox populi, vox dei that he keeps hammering? The story does not go that way. Just days earlier, the world’s second-richest man had begun banning accounts of journalists he didn’t like, under spurious pretenses. After carrying out a survey in which he asked if they should be reinstated on the platform, and where Internet users had responded positively, he had simply… carried out a second survey, to try to see it switch in favor of his opinions. .

Like what, there is not only one billionaire who would like to “Stop The Count” when it suits him.