Public establishments devoured by Google?

Public establishments devoured by Google?

New controversy? Google seems to be taking over French public establishments. How CCI France, Pôle Emploi and our universities feed the strategy of Google surge…

CCI France, an appetizer for Google?

We observed it in a previous article: the CCIs nationally distribute free training called “Google Digital Workshops”. However, this industrial deployment, on a national scale, is far from the artisanal dimension of a simple “Workshop”

We also had 100,000 web pages promoting Google on the CCI.FR site: 3,250 “Google Digital Workshops”, 6,950 “Google My Business”, 68,900 “Youtube”, an industrial media plan aimed at SMEs.

Met since, the leaders of CCI do not wish to communicate officially, although they wish, according to them, to change the situation.

But Google is not satisfied, it seeks to bite into other market shares among young people, job seekers and students. According to Google already 700,000 people (SMEs, individuals, students, job seekers), and this is just the beginning…

Employment center, Google sauce?

December 2022, Google is advancing by leaps and bounds, it signs an agreement with Pole Emploi industrializing its “Google Digital Workshops” training in the Ile-de-France agencies of Pôle Emploi and partner places such as Station F, Yookan, etc.

Training in jobs and digital tools through a workshop designed by an industrialist is a marketing inherited from Coca-Cola, Microsoft, IBM and others. It is undoubtedly also an acknowledgment of failure, because Pôle Emploi thus relieves itself of the control of training.

With the leitmotif of “Building digital skills” Google draws up a set menu of 70 resources (discovery of tools, CV writing, project ideation, etc.) to be consumed on site (face-to-face) or remotely from the job-store site of Pole-Emploi.

There is also the Google animation tour that crisscrosses France with its Van (Bergerac, Niort, La Rochelle, Limoges, Villeneuve-sur-Lot) and its farandole of essential internships such as “keeping control of your image on the networks social”. An entire program !

Still, generalizing this industrial recipe with a player condemned several times by the High Competition Authority and the European Commission for its anti-competitive practices is not very concerning.

To read the press release from Pôle Emploi, these training courses mainly target young people on employment contracts (CEJ) who will discover the digital world according to Google… Is it training or formatting? Learning or conditioning?

Under cover of good feelings, it is of course a commercial hype that hides the alternatives: French and European solutions, free software (really free), and will permanently distort competition and “digital consumption” habits.

French universities simmered by Google?

Cergy, Clermont Auvergne, Loraine, Paris 13, Paris Est Marne la Vallée, Perpignan, Picardy, Reims, Rennes… Dozens of Universities spread the good word of Google, the great patroness of Digital.

Wishing to qualify their learners, Universities encourage their students to follow this training and receive a “Google Certification” recognized by IAB Europe, lobby of Internet advertising players.

A certification “in the fundamentals of digital” without diploma value, nor any university value, if not an unwavering support of the Universities to the Google cause.

While at the end of 2022 the online solutions of Microsoft and Google are excluded from school by the National Education, by exception all French, these Universities largely feed their students to a free training “Google Digital Workshops”

We could sum it up like this: Microsoft and Google go out through the doors of the schools, but Google comes in through the windows of the universities…

The story could make you smile, but it illustrates how strategic evangelization is for Google, which declares 11,000 students and job seekers supported online and during training delivered by partners.

The day when Google will have nationally recognized Certificates and Diplomas, then the circle will be complete: Google will be the education of tomorrow!

G for Google, G for treat?

To conclude in a greedy way, it seems that the Cake France is largely crunched by the ogre Google whose informal slogan “Don’t be Evil” (do not be malicious) no longer appears in its code of conduct for some years.

Google has become overpowered, multi-sectoral, parastatal, and everything has grown: strategy, lobbying, like appetite… There is a risk of few crumbs remaining for digital players in France as in Europe if we do not protect our establishments public.

Besides, how can the heads of our public institutions collaborate in all conscience in such works?

It is urgent that these abuses (outside the rules of the market) which restrict the outlets of our digital players, abolish competition, cease.

It is urgent that the decision-makers of public establishments, our Ministers and deputies give a real meaning to the term “Digital Sovereignty”, before we are eaten raw!


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