Porsche is about to say yes to Google, we are waiting for the alliance

Porsche Google Automobile Logiciel

On one side, there is the Porsche hatched by Volkswagen, with the same boss. On the other, there is the independent Porsche, which went solo on the stock market. Two facets of the same manufacturer who knows that through the impetus of its very good results as well as its research and development, a place is reserved for it in the future of the automobile.

For this, it will still have to offer everything customers want. And first of all, a cutting-edge digital proposition. Porsche has taken the decision to distance itself from Volkswagen and leave out Cariad, the software that the group has developed for the human-machine interface of its cars and their infotainment screens.

Leave to come back better, in the arms of those who know best: Porsche will not develop its own software, but will rather ask for help from Big Tech. Google, Apple, but also Baidu, Tencent and Alibaba in China… negotiations are ongoing. A first announcement could take place soon with Google, said Monday, January 16 the Reuters agency. The negotiations will have lasted a long time, and particularly for a story of access to user data.

Sell ​​yourself to the web giants?

Porsche will eventually join Volvo, Ford, Renault and Nissan, which have already signed agreements with the web giant. Other brands have gone to see the competition, this is the case of Honda with Sony and Stellantis, the group of manufacturers born from the merger of PSA Groupe and FCA Groupe, with Amazon. At BMW, the message is clear recalls The Digital Factory : “it is important for the company to keep control of the customer interface”said a spokesperson.

Within the Volkswagen group, everything seems to be still in reflection on the question. Whether or not to let the web giants offer their software on board their cars? Or continue to invest in Cariad, a platform that requires a lot of money and time. The future Volkswagen 2.0, which should provide an interface for the future autonomous car, is not expected before 2028. However, it should make the German company the “leader in software-driven mobility”.

In an interview with Nikolai Ardey, chief innovation officer at Volkswagen, lemon squeezer focused on the issue of software. At the end of September 2022 in Chantilly, we asked if Volkswagen was considering delegating its interface to the web giants and the answer was negative… but still very vague.

“Despite this new logic, we would like to keep control of the entire value chain”, he said, before adding that “you need to be flexible and offer everyone the best solution. From this point of view, we need something to be able to offer solutions for both the iOS and Android ecosystems. But we will keep everything under control”confided Nikolai Ardey.

Volkswagen therefore wants to find a solution to bring the flagship applications of each ecosystem, namely Google Maps, Waze, YouTube, but also applications from Apple, so that customers can find everything. This will have to go beyond the Apple Car Play or Android Auto interfaces, which only relay content from customers’ smartphones to the car’s screen.

As such, Porsche could therefore take the lead and prepare the ground.