Pixel 7 users are totally outraged by Google

Verre brisé de l'appareil photo du Pixel 7

At the end of December 2022, we saw a lot of news emerge on alarming reports from Pixel 7 users. There were a series of user complaints about the back glass of the phone breaking spontaneously. Over time, the complaints began to grow.

It’s reached a point where Google can’t do anything to hide its head in the sand. And since it does not fix the problem or take any responsibility, users are totally furious. Also, it’s not like all Pixel 7 and 7 Pro users drop their devices on the brick. The cracks would have appeared out of nowhere!

The Pixel 7 warranty does not include physical damage!

One of the Reddit subscribers was among the Pixel 7 owners who faced some bad luck. The Reddit user wrote that the glass covering on the rear camera bar of the device broke spontaneously. And ever since he noticed the problem, he’s been fighting with Google.

However, no effort from the user resulted in a successful result. The user of broken Pixel 7 owner wrote:

However, (I) struggled to get them to cover this spontaneous blowout under warranty despite sharing countless Reddit posts, Google support case IDs, etc. proving they covered it under warranty for some customers who have encountered the exact same problem. . They keep saying they don’t cover “physical damage”.

The Pixel 7 user goes on to note:

Absolutely gutted by this and am being asked to pay $400 to fix it through their repair center.

For reference, there has been no physical impact, nor have I dropped my phone, been under stress, or been subjected to extreme temperature fluctuations (these are the conditions under which they void the warranty not “physical damage”).

So I would recommend anyone considering buying this phone to keep that in mind. It’s a real problem, and Google isn’t taking it on board and treating consumers fairly.

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Users want Google to take responsibility

As noted earlier, this isn’t the only broken glass complaint from a Pixel 7 user. And with so many reports of the problem, many new buyers aren’t even considering getting a Pixel 7 device. Google’s inability to assume its responsibilities adds fuel to the fire.

But what about the side of Google’s history? Well, this isn’t the first time Google has been pounded mercilessly. The Pixel 6 lineup bugfest has sent the phones plunging into the top-rated smartphone charts. And Google doesn’t want to do anything that can make the Pixel 7 line look bad. So, it blames end users for the problem.

7 pixel broken camera glass

However, Google should understand that the Pixel 7 series broken glass issue will not be fixed with a software update. This is something that the brand must solve by taking responsibility.

Some Reddit posts suggest that most Pixel 7 and 7 Pro users still have untouched phones. But it does not indicate that users of broken rear camera glass intentionally broke their phone.

Broken Pixel 7 Pro camera glass

Moreover, the problem is already widespread. As one of the Reddit users wrote, there have been 20 confirmed reports of the issue. And in a single Reddit thread, there were a total of 50 replies. This indicates that a large number of individuals are affected.

In conclusion, the ball is clearly in Google’s court right now. Many Pixel 7 series owners are online to see if Google will replace or repair their devices. And if Google doesn’t take responsibility, subsequent Pixel phones will likely see significantly lower sales performance.