One of Apple’s bestsellers could arrive at Google!

One of Apple's bestsellers could arrive at Google!

News JVTech One of Apple’s bestsellers could arrive at Google!

In the world of Tech, good ideas very rarely remain the preserve of one brand or another. When one innovates, the other is inspired by it and vice versa. This time, it’s Google that seems to want to opt for an object that Apple fans know well.

We will soon be able to lose our keys with our Google Pixel 7

One of Apple’s best products, is also one of the cheapest. The AirTag is one of the most comprehensive location tags on the market, taking advantage of the huge search network that powers Apple devices. And while rivals and alternatives exist, like the Tile devices or Samsung’s SmartTag, none of them convinced us. Still, if there’s anyone with an ecosystem big enough to rival Apple’s, it’s Google. As announced by Mishaal Rahman, Google has added support for a “location beacon” to the Fast Pair console.a tracking device that points to a possible AirTag competitor.

The Fast Pair Developer Console is the place for Google developers to update new Fast Pair features and functions. For those who don’t know, Fast Pair is a system (owned by Google) that allows devices to be paired quickly, without having to search for them in the Bluetooth settings. Any self-respecting TWS helmet, for example, must be compatible with this system.

A location tag for the Google ecosystem

As Mishaal Rahman explains, the command console (Fast Pair) has added support for a “location beacon”, a surprising addition that does not refer to any of the existing “locators”, as they are not compatible with the company’s own technology from Mountain View. Let it be said, this does not in itself imply that Google is developing its own AirTag, but some clues suggest it. Beside the development of this new feature of the Fast Pair console, Google Play Store leaks point to the creation of a “Find” app similar to Apple’s. As a reminder, this application is the cornerstone of Apple’s AirTag, and the key to the proper functioning of these tags.

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These tags are usually attached to a pet’s collar, a bunch of keys or even a bicycle and make it possible to always know where his furball or object is. It’s also worth noting that if Google is successful in taking full advantage of the network of location-aware Android devices, the network of the firm of Mountain View would be the only one able to exceed the proposal of Apple; Currently, there are more than 3 billion devices running Android.