one click will soon suffice to deactivate all extensions

one click will soon suffice to deactivate all extensions

There are a lot of extensions that improve the use of your web browser, but sometimes they can become annoying. To solve this problem, Chrome could soon add a button to disable all extensions on a website.

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Extensions are software add-ons that can be very handy on our web browsers, but sometimes they block the use of websites or impair navigation. To remedy this, Google is working on a new button for its Chrome browser: it allows you to disable extensions on a website. The web giant also unveiled its list of its favorite Chrome extensions of 2022 a few weeks ago.

The problem with browser extensions

Extensions for web browsers offer a lot of possibilities: block ads, automatically refuse cookies, take notes, translate a page, etc. With all the tricks that abound on the Internet, it is easy to multiply the installed extensions. We must also pay attention to the data collected by the extensions that we install: some can be real cookies.

The new Chrome icon on macOS
The new Chrome icon on macOS // Source: Google

However, this can cause some problems: some sites may no longer work at all after the fact, some are displayed in mobile version, etc. Other extensions can be quite intrusive: we can think of cashback extensions, which display banners as soon as we go to a merchant site. The problem is that you currently have to disable them manually, which is far from obvious. Fortunately, if the work of Google is to be believed, this could be ancient history.

Disable all extensions in one click: a test button

It is Android Police which relates the observations of Leopeva64, user of Reddit and very aware of the novelties of Google Chrome. The user declares on Reddit precisely that “Google is working on an overhaul of the extensions menu (with subpages) and apparently one of the new options will be a toggle that will allow you to quickly block all extensions on the current site“.

A button to disable all extensions is being tested // Source: Leoparda64 via “Android Police”

Most of the time, ad blockers prompt users to reload the page when activated or deactivated. Some web browsers automatically refresh pages after changing the settings of an extension, recalls the English media. However, it is unclear how Google Chrome will work. At the moment the feature is implemented in Chrome Canary, the beta version of Chrome, although it does not work. This capability is not new: in April 2022, Microsoft implemented a similar button on Edge.

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