Maye Musk, the mother of Elon Musk, 1st septuagenarian in a jersey for “Sports Illustrated”

Maye Musk, the mother of Elon Musk, 1st septuagenarian in a jersey for

Sports Illustrated/Yu Tsai Maye Musk on the cover of the famous American sports magazine.

Sports Illustrated/Yu Tsai

FASHION – Sports Illustrated break the codes again. The famous magazine unveiled this Monday, May 16, the different front pages of its 2022 swimsuit edition. We can see Kim Kardashian, singer Ciara, model and musician Yumi Nu, but also Maye Musk, mother of Elon Musk. A presence that is anything but anecdotal since the 74-year-old model is the first septuagenarian to pose on the cover of the American sports weekly.

This one, who poses under the lens of photographer Yu Tsai in Belize, appears dressed in an ocher and beige one-piece swimsuit. The Regina, Canada native also wears two gold earrings in the shape of palm trees. A historic snapshot which the main concerned rejoiced on Instagram. “I’m so happy to be on the front page of Sports Illustrated at the age of 74. It was time!”.

“If I had thought that I could one day be a swimsuit model for Sports Illustratedpeople would have called me crazy”, added the one who resumed her career as a top model a few years ago, posing in particular with a fake pregnant belly for the New YorkMagazine. “And now here I am. I want to show women that you can be very beautiful at any age”. The Tesla CEO’s mother also poses in other photos in different swimwear, which you can find right here.

“The most fearless woman I have ever known”

“At 74, Maye continues to work every day to inspire those around her,” said MJ Day, editor-in-chief of Sports Illustrated Swimsuit. “So in this issue, we encourage readers to see these role models as we see them: multi-faceted, multi-talented. We want to focus our lens on how they see themselves and how they own who they are,” she continued.

Maye Musk has also been able to count on the unfailing support of his daughter, filmmaker Tosca Musk. “In her lifetime, she earned two master’s degrees in nutritional science, won awards in the field of dietetics, appeared in countless fashion shows and editorials, and even appeared in a Beyoncé video. It is an uncontrollable force and it is the most intrepid woman that I have ever known”, she greeted in a long text published on the site of Sports Illustrated.

Sports Illustrated is not at its first attempt in terms of covers that make people talk. The sports magazine had for the first time put forward a model wearing a hijab, then the first transgender model, and lately the first model showing the scar of her cesarean section.

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