Jeff Bezos’ Y721 yacht compared to Steve Jobs’ Venus

Jeff Bezos' Y721 yacht compared to Steve Jobs' Venus

Our colleagues from Apple Insider had fun comparing the differences between Jeff Bezos’ Y721 yacht and Steve Jobs’ Venus. Even if it means seeing the indecency of these ultra-rich in our daily media, we might as well have a little fun: so who has the biggest?

The Jeff Bezos yacht and the Steve Jobs yacht © Tom van Oossanen, Boat International, Tom’s Guide EN

For the ultra-rich, respect for the planet and humanityit’s not even in the list of side quests. indecencyon the other hand, is on the menu every day.

As you know, all the spotlight is currently on the superyacht of 500 million dollars from the multi-billionaire Jeff Bezosbecause to make it pass in the Netherlands, a bridge of 1878 will have to be temporarily dismantled.

But even if it means talking about the big thing of an ultra-rich, why not compare it with that of another? Without further ado, here is the differences between the yacht Y721 of Jeff Bezos and the mythical yacht of Steve Jobs, Venus.

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Which is the most expensive?

Already, let’s talk big money. Jeff Bezos’ Yacht has been billed 430 million euroswhile the Venus will have cost 105 million euros to Steve Jobs, ten years ago. Taking inflation into account, Venus would cost approximately $128 million in 2022, or €300 million less than Bezos’ yacht.

Which is the longest?

the Jeff Bezos yachtwhich currently bears the code name Y721, is 127 meters long. When launched in 2022, it will be the largest sailing superyacht in the world. Venusthe hyper-high-tech yacht built for Steve Jobs, is smaller with its 78.2 meters.

What are the differences in terms of design and engine?

Built in the Netherlands by Oceanco since 2018 (a private builder of custom yachts), Bezos’ Y721 is made of aluminum and steel. This is a sailboat that will be equipped with three heavy and huge masts. As of now, no one knows if it will have a standby diesel engine or not, although chances are it will. Her theoretical speed in knots is also unknown. It stands out with a black hull and a rather traditional white superstructure.

Jeff Bezos' yacht Y721
Jeff Bezos’ yacht codenamed Y721 © Tom van Oossanen

Venusmeanwhile, is built in lightweight aluminum. It has many glass windows located along its hull. Designed by Philippe Starck and Jobs at Headship, Steve Jobs’ yacht was launched in 2012, a year after the death of the Apple boss. This means the late co-founder never got a chance to set foot on the ship. It is, on the other hand, a motor boat, fitted with a pair of MTU 16V 4000 M73 diesel engines. Its aesthetic is more high-tech and the details of its interior design have been kept under wraps.

The Venus
The Venus © Boat International

Where are they today?

Jeff Bezos’ yacht is currently under construction at Oceanco’s shipyard in Alblasserdam, the Netherlands. The city is located about 20 kilometers from Rotterdam. It is the only road to the sea, which passes over the (poor) Koninginnebrug bridge. Nowadays, it is unclear why the company built it with the idea of ​​a construction site that would require the dismantling of the bridge, as the mast height and draft were known before construction. To save a few euros, probably.

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Steve Jobs’ yacht was built by Koninklijke De Vries Scheepsbouw BV, in Aalsmeer, the Netherlands. Since her launch in 2012, it circumnavigates the world and is occasionally sighted in various port cities. Because Jobs died before construction was complete, the yacht is currently owned by his widow, Laurene Powell Jobs.

Source: Apple Insider