“It’s a piece of plastic that has a lot to say”: the Google Pixel Fold is revealed through a video

News JVTech “It’s a piece of plastic that has a lot to say”: the Google Pixel Fold is revealed through a video

Google’s first folding smartphone, currently called Pixel Fold, shows itself without showing itself through a video that presents a plastic prototype. The advanced information overlaps with previous rumors.

Faced with multiple leaks of information concerning the Google Pixel Foldit seems established that the Mountain View firm is indeed preparing its first foldable terminal. The Youtuber Dave2D brings, this week, grist to the mill of the rumor, by presenting on his channel a plastic dummy model of Google Pixel Fold.

“I know it’s just a piece of plastic, but there’s a lot to be said for it”begins Dave2D. Mockups of this type are a reality for most high-tech products, especially smartphones. They make it possible to define templates as well as the positioning of buttons, loudspeakers and connectors. These are also accessories that are used by manufacturers of cases and shells. In short, one can indeed learn many things by studying them.

Screen, hinges, behind the scenes of the Google Pixel Fold

Thus, the dummy plastic model on which Dave2D was able to get his hands tells us in particular that the hinge design should allow Google to limit the center crease of the foldable screen. Enough to answer a problem that the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold4 still displays quite strongly (but that the Galaxy Z Fold5 could, however, alleviate).

Among the other information that we learn with this mock-up is the size of the two screens. The central screen would be a model of 7.67 inches with thick contours of about 5 mm, which could accommodate the interior photo sensor. The outer screen, on the other hand, would measure 5.79 inches diagonal, which would make it a shorter model, but wider than on the folding smartphone from Samsung. He would be endowed witha punch for the photo sensor.

Information that confirms others around the Google smartphone

The youtubeur Dave2D does not specify how he obtained this mock-up, but it is likely that it is a model provided by Google to a props. The information presented in his video tends to confirm previous rumorsespecially concerning the size of the screens and the design of the hinge.

In December, OnLeaks had already shared 3D renderings of the terminal and mentioned 5.79-inch and 7.69-inch screens. The folding smartphone could be equipped with the Google Tensor 2 SoC like the Google Pixel 7 range, which would be rather logical. A price had even been mentioned: $1799 for the 12 GB version.

One of the questions that remains unanswered today essentially concerns the formalization and release date of this terminal. Despite numerous leaks, Google is still discreet on the subject. The announcement could take place alongside the Google Pixel 7a in a few months.