In Antibes, a 7 million construction site for Bill Gates’ mega-yacht

In Antibes, a 7 million construction site for Bill Gates' mega-yacht

Nothing is too good for the latest naval madness of the fourth richest man in the world. As revealed The Telegraph in February 2020, Bill Gates is currently having a mega-yacht built in the greatest secrecy. According to our British colleague, the billionaire would have set his sights on a floating palace with a waterfall pool and gyms overlooking the ocean, running entirely on hydrogen. At the time, the supposed shipowner, Sinot, had denied the existence of any contract.

According to our information, the founder of Microsoft is indeed expecting the delivery of a mega-yacht in the coming months, probably for the spring of 2023. The proof: extensive work will be undertaken in the coming months in the marina of Antibes, where the billionaire has reserved two locations. In 2020, Bill Gates indeed got his hands on the longest part of the famous “billionaires’ wharf”, the one that had been built in the 1980s for the yacht of King Fahd of Saudi Arabia. Located in the outer harbour, it has a berth of 180 meters, as well as an additional 63.5 meter berth for another boat. Two places rented for at least twenty years by the entrepreneur for the trifle of 63 million euros. A straw compared to the 600 million euros that the construction of his future mega-yacht would cost him!

Mega-yacht of 120 meters and 7,300 tons

On March 27, the company Vauban 21, which manages the marina of Antibes, launched a call for tenders to redevelop the two locations. The main post will see its mole – the part of the quay where the ship is directly moored – increase from 40 meters to more than 120 meters in order to accommodate Bill Gates’ colossus of the seas in the best conditions. The extension of the quay must also allow “the circulation of forklifts and heavy goods vehicles of 30 tons” and will be covered with “concrete finishing slabs”. A temporary crane could even be positioned in the center of the mole to facilitate the loading of goods. The “1 bis” post will be completely demolished and redone, in order to move the helipad, to widen the “maneuvering space” and to install a 20-meter pedestrian walkway “in wooden decking”.

The technical documents related to the call for tenders lift a corner of the veil on the fleet of the American billionaire. “The objective of the mission is to allow the reception of large luxury ships”, can we read. Work on location 1 bis is planned for a catamaran 67 meters long, 14 meters wide and weighing 1,738 tonnes, equipped with a mini-heliport. Either a model similar to the famous Wayfinder, which would belong to Bill Gates. As for the super-yacht, it is 120 meters long, 19 meters wide and weighs a total of 7,300 tons.

Construction at 7.1 million euros

According to the call for tenders, the total market would amount to 7.1 million euros for a nine-month project. Companies wishing to compete had until April 25 to submit their application. “One way or another, there is a good chance that it will be Bill Gates who ultimately settles almost all of the bill, confides an expert on the matter, because the port management company is not not in good financial shape.” The Covid epidemic, then the war in Ukraine, are indeed not conducive to the travel of mega-yachts around the globe and Russian customers are deserting Western ports, for fear of sanctions. the Dilbarowned by the metallurgy magnate Alicher Ousmanov, another star boat on the quay of the billionaires, has also been immobilized in Germany.

Contacted, the Vauban 21 company and the European manager of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation did not wish to answer the questions of Challenges.