How to Use Emojis in Google Meet

How to Use Emojis in Google Meet

Using reactions in Google Meet is a great way to make meetings more inclusive, gather instant feedback, and allow your team to share and interact in a fun way. If you’re wondering how they work, you’ve come to the right place.

We’ll walk you through how to use emojis, including how to adjust your settings to increase their presence or make them more subtle, and what to do if you prefer the icons to stay out of a meeting.

If you’re looking for ways to improve your Google Meets experience, emojis or reactions might just do the trick. When you’re on a call, you can access this feature by clicking the face icon in the bottom toolbar. You will then see a series of icons appear from which you can choose from a range of emotions.

When you or your colleagues click on a reaction during a meeting, an animated version of the icon will float up from the left side of the screen. Similarly, reactions are displayed in the corner of profiles so participants can see which one the other participant has used.

If you prefer, you can change the skin color of your emojis by selecting the yellow circle to the right of the “Reactions” menu and choosing another option.

Settings for reactions in Google Meet

If you want to hide other people’s reactions, disable icon animation, or set your emojis to make noise, you can do so under More options in the bottom toolbar – it’s the symbol with three vertical dots. When you click More optionsgo to Settingsand reactions. Here you can enable or disable the following options:

  • View reactions from others.
  • Animation.
  • His.
Video call reaction settings menu

If you want to do this ahead of time, you can create a Google Meet, swap the settings, and your settings should be ready for your next call.

Disable Host Reactions in Google Meet

Using emojis and reactions isn’t always appropriate for your meetings or can become distracting for some audiences. If you prefer to deactivate them, you can do so at the following address Host controls. Here’s how:

  1. Click on the padlock icon at the bottom right of your screen to access the home screen. Host controls menu.
  2. Toggle on Host management.
  3. Under Let everyoneto extinguish Send feedback.
Video Call Host Management Control Panel

Once you turn off reactions, the emoji icon becomes grayed out and your guests can no longer access it.

React with emojis in Google Meet

With reactions in Google Meet, your meetings can be more inclusive and interactive for everyone. You can also get real-time feedback from your team when you discuss certain topics.

Plus, there are plenty of ways to tweak reactions individually if you find them distracting or want them to make noise. Also, it is useful that you can turn them off in cases where they might interfere with the chat. Overall, they definitely add an element of fun and excitement to everyday gatherings.