How to use ChatGPT with Google?


ChatGPT is a conversational chatbot that makes the news. Driven by OpenAI’s GPT-3 algorithm, it is notably capable of responding to requests in the form of text dialogues. Indeed, ChatGPT provides clear and structured answers to questions affecting almost all areas. This article therefore provides you with a detailed tutorial on how to use this chatbot in sync with Google.


The process of integrating ChatGPT into Google

Initially, users can only run ChatGPT in a standalone tab. This therefore involves successive clicks in order to alternate between the traditional search engines and the chatbot. In addition, this method makes cross-checking information difficult and can be exhausting in the long run.

However, an extension makes it possible to display both results on a single page. Discover in detail the whole integration process.

Install ChatGPT For Google Extension

The expansion ChatGPT For Google is compatible with Chrome and Firefox applications. However, Chromium-based browsers can also integrate ChatGPT directly. This is particularly the case with Microsoft Edge and various other applications compatible with Chrome extensions.

To do this you will need to free download ChatGPT for Google then install it. This extension developed by a third-party developer therefore represents the link between the search engine and ChatGPT. In addition, its installation does not require any special authorization.

Do a Google search

After installing the ChatGPT module, you will finally be able to perform your Google search. Then the results page will show a new window on the right. In this space will appear in particular the message “Please login without Cloudflare chat at”. Click on this link which will open a new tab.

Connect to OpenAI

In this new tab, you will have to activate your ChatGPT account. Indeed, the link redirects to the usual ChatGPT login page. Do not hesitate to enter your login data. These are in particular the username and password provided when creating your ChatGPT account.

After validating this data, you may be able to close the additional tab. Additionally, users of Labs and Playground (from OpenAI) have the ability to use ChatGPT with their old accounts.

View ChatGPT Results

In the initial search tab, the webpage should reload. Then the ChatGPT replies will automatically display in the right window. You will then be able to simultaneously consult the answers provided by the AI ​​as well as the Google search results.

Benefits of ChatGPT for Google extension

ChatGPT replies are displayed as conversations and contain specific information. However, this chatbot is only in its infancy and therefore has some weaknesses.

Indeed, there is a lack of veracity in certain information. At this stage, therefore, it is best to pair the chatbot with a traditional browser. Hence the usefulness of this extension which makes using ChatGPT safer and more convenient.

In another sense, the natural responses of this chatbot can improve Google searches. It should be noted that the potential of ChatGPT is coveted by Microsoft which projects a possible integration with the Bing search engine. It is therefore an advantage to take advantage of the advantages of this chatbot while waiting for a potential native use.

All in all, ChatGPT has various relevant advantages, but it is still in the finalization phase and can therefore sometimes present bugs or slow execution.