How to join a meeting on Google MEET

Google video conferencing with Google Meet

Formerly known as Hangouts Meet, Google Meet is the video conferencing service set up by Google.

Thanks to this collaborative tool Google Workspace intended for professionals, companies easily organize secure video calls of excellent quality, with their collaborators located in the four corners of the world.

If you have just discovered this tool for organizing virtual meetings, you may want to learn more about it. Here is all the useful information about Google Meet.

What is Google Meet?

While several countries have introduced general containment on their territory to protect citizens against the health crisis, which threatened in 2020, Google has implemented Google Meet. Allowing you to organize videoconferences, this tool from the Mountain View firm is part of the Google Workspace collaborative tools suite, formerly G-Suite.

Google Meet

A video conferencing service designed for professionals, Google Meet allows companies to create virtual meetings in just a few clicks. This solution replaces Google Hangouts in the Google Workspace productivity suite.

With this tool, you can invite participants with an automated link, as long as they have a Gmail account. They will only have to click on the invitation link and activate their microphone as well as their video to join you. Furthermore, Google Meet builds on the unshakeable foundation of Google and thus guarantees accessibility worldwide.

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Is Meet free?

Google Meet is free, but not completely. Indeed, the free version allows you to create a meeting of up to one hour of time, with up to 100 participants. There is no restriction regarding the number of meetings to create. You can thus organize as many videoconferences as you wish.

Also, Google Meet is not completely free, as it offers two paid versions. The first is Google Workspace Essentials. The cost of this service is estimated at $8 for each active user per month. Thanks to this version, you will be able to organize meetings of 300 hours, with 150 participants at most. In addition, if you wish, you can save your meetings in Google Drive.

The second paid version is Google Workspace Enterprise. Its functionality is similar to that of the other versions. However, the maximum number of participants is 250. Likewise, it offers live streaming for 100,000 participants in the field. It also gives you the ability to remove ambient noise. The cost of this version of Google Meet is communicated by the sales department.

Although Google Meet is available in web mode on Windows, Mac and Linux, it is possible to download it as a mobile application. In case you are using an Android, you can get it from Google Play Store. On the other hand, if you are on Apple, you can download it in App Store. The Google Meet app is compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch version 12.0 or higher.

Google Meet is accessible online at, from any type of device (computer, tablet or smartphone). So you don’t have to install anything to use Google Meet. In reality, you will only have to open a Google or Gmail account. After creating the account, you will have access to the service on your device and through a web browser like Chrome.

Creating a Meet video meeting is easy. As long as you have a Google account and then an email address, you can create a Google Meet meeting. If you have access to Google Meet on the web (, start by clicking on the “New meeting” button.

Thereafter, press “Start an instant meeting”. The meeting will start immediately. You can then add other people by clicking on “Add participants”. It is also possible to invite the participants by sharing the connection information with them or by sending them the meeting code. Follow the same walk, if using the Meet app.

It is also possible to create a Google Meet meeting from the mailbox. In this case, go to Gmail and click on “Start a meeting”. When creating the meeting, you will be asked to authorize Google Meet to use the camera as well as the microphone. Then click on “Join the meeting” and transmit the login data shared by Google to your guests. You can add participants manually from your contact list on Gmail or send the login code by message.

To join a meeting on Google Meet, you can immediately go to Meet. It is also possible to join a conference room thanks to the invitation received on Gmail. Go to Meet and choose the planned event. Google Calendar will show you all the meetings, which are scheduled. You can also enter the code sent to you. Finally, click on “Join the meeting”. You will automatically be directed to the virtual meeting.

When you don’t have enough time to create a meeting or reserve a room, you can join a video conference. Just click on the meeting link you received by SMS or email. Then join the meeting by carefully following all the instructions that appear on your screen.

Joining a meeting from a mobile device like a smartphone is easy. Indeed, Google Meet has been integrated into the software suite for mobile devices, developed by Google. Depending on the brand of your mobile, the application is usually already installed by default.

If not, you can go to Play Store or App Store to download Google Meet and install it. After installation, sign in with your Google account. After granting access to the camera and microphone, you can enter the login information to join the meeting.