He’s getting his life’s NFTs siphoned off in one click because of Google

He's getting his life's NFTs siphoned off in one click because of Google

Hundreds of thousands flown away – The ecosystem of cryptocurrencies is a favorite prey for hackers. The latter redouble their ingenuity to monopolize your cryptocurrencies or your NFTs. A big-name influencer found out the hard way after being the victim of a massive siphoning.

It only takes one click to lose your NFTs

Sunday, January 15, the user NFT_God followed by more than 90,000 people on Twitter announced to have been victim of a massive attack.

“Last night all of my digital livelihoods were breached. All of my personal and business accounts have been hacked and used to harm other people. Less important, I lost some of my net worth. »

NFT_God announces that it has been the target of a hack – Source: Twitter.

Thus, nothing was left behind by the striker. Twitter, Substack, Google, Discord accounts were used by the attacker and NFT_God’s wallets were siphoned off.

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Malware: watch out for your downloads

In a series of tweets, NFT_God revealed the course of his misadventure which will have cost him hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Thus, everything begins when our protagonist wished download OBS software, very famous among streamers. However, he did not realize that he had obtained the software via a sponsored link on google.

A mistake that will cost him dearly. Indeed, it would seem that the downloaded software was accompanied by malware that infected his personal computer. When he tries to install it, nothing seems to happen. Unfortunately, behind the scenes, the reality is quite different.

Targeted social media accounts

It is only after several hours that NFT_God realizes the extent of the situation. So, other users warned him that two of his Twitter accountsaccounting for the two of them nearly 100,000 subscribers, had been compromise.

Thus, the attacker had already published a series of messages containing links to sites for carrying out phishing attacks.

“I quickly deleted the fraudulent tweets that the hackers posted. I caught it 2 minutes after the links went live. Phew. If only this was the last chapter of this story. Unfortunately, it was just the first. »

NFTs and siphoned cryptos

Subsequently, NFT_God receives another message from one of his contacts asking him if he had sold his NFT Bored Ape Yacht Club. Neither one nor two, NFT_God rushes to the OpenSea platform to discover that his NFT was no longer on his wallet but on another address.

“I opened my monkey’s Opensea marker and there it was. A completely different portfolio listed as owner. I knew at that moment that everything was gone. All. All my cryptos and NFTs have been ripped from me. »

Subsequently, NFT_God proceeded to a total reset of his computer, in an attempt to plug the fault. Unfortunately, it was too late. Indeed, the attacker subsequently took control of his Substack newsletter and used it to send phishing links to NFT_God’s 16,000 subscribers.

“Hackers sent 2 emails to my closest 16,000 fans with phishing links. The confidence that took me more than a year to build is gone. Losing some of my net worth is nothing compared to losing the trust of my community. »

Indeed, many members of his community seem to have fallen for it and also suffered losses.

Absence of cold wallet: the critical error

In his thread, NFT_God points out his biggest mistake: badly having created your cold wallet.

“Now I’m very technical, but after not setting up a Ledger for 2 years, I screwed up. I entered my seed phrase in a way that no longer kept it offline. I knew I had made a critical mistake. As of now, I haven’t bought an NFT in months and didn’t plan on doing so anytime soon. »

After making this mistake, NFT_God should have reset his cold wallet or redeemed one. However, he did not and this error was fatal for him and some of his subscribers.

This type of attack targets all users. So the COO of the RTFKT project was recently the target of a phishing attack which resulted in the loss of hundreds of NFTs. No one is immune to hacks, therefore it is essential to focus on security.

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