“He once let me sleep in his garage”

La mere dElon Musk revele les secrets de son fils

On January 12, Giunti Editore published “A woman must have a plan”, the biography of Maye Musk. In the book, Elon Musk’s mother tells her whole story, including her son’s childhood.

Maye Musk, born Haldeman, is 74 years old. She worked as a model and as a dietitian, faced desert expeditions, lived in a marriage with an abusive husband and now has written a book in which she tells about her whole life. The volume in Italy is titled “A woman must have a plan” and was published by Giunti Editore. Predictably, however, the aspects of his life that get all the press attention aren’t about his loves, adventures, or work. But one of his three children: Elon.

Elon Musk is no longer the richest man in the world, the financial crisis which has overwhelmed the Big Tech market and in particular Tesla, has slipped him to second position in the ranking of billionaires. Yet he is certainly the most influential businessman in the Western market. Despite this, despite the two documentaries already airing on Netflix and the not exactly authorized biographies already airing, few details of his life before becoming one of the founders of PayPal are still known.

“Once I went to see him and he fucked me to sleep in the garage”

This anecdote was already legendary. But Maye Musk confirmed it in the interviews broadcast on the occasion of the release of the book, like the one with Roberta Scorranese in the Corriere della Sera: “Well, if you go to visit your son in his space base, you You have two alternatives: either take a room in a hotel 45 minutes away or sleep in his garage. It is not a problem for me. When I went to visit my mother in Canada, I slept in the garage”.

“He had his first computer at 12 years old”

Even now, Elon Musk before an entrepreneur called himself an engineer. Of course, this word has a slightly different meaning in English than in Italian, where it is framed more professionally. And Musk’s predisposition for machines and computers seems precocious, given that he was already able to program video games as a child:

“He got his first computer when he was 12. He learns to use it and creates BLASTAR, a video game. I suggested that he submit it to a specialized magazine. He did and they paid him $500. In my opinion, they never knew that the inventor was not even 13 years old”.

The relationship with his father Errol

Maye Musk also recounts his relationship with Errol, the father of Elon and the two brothers Kimbal and Tosca. A violent man, with whom the problems began soon after the marriage. In an interview with Serena La Rosa for Donna Moderna, she explained that her father had already started beating her during the honeymoon, even in front of her children: “When he was five years old, Elon kicked him by behind to make him stop”. Despite this, Maye Haldeman decided to keep the surname.

Ads for mattresses and modeling

Now Maye Musk has achieved some success on social media. She has 600,000 followers on Instagram and works as a model posing on magazine covers or for advertisements. Si considera una celebrity, tanto che spiega: “Quando porto a spasso il cane, per non farmi riconoscere, sono costretta a camuffarmi un po’, ma se in compenso non devo più competere con 300 donne per un ingaggio, direi che ne vale la sadness “.