Google’s DeepMind Announces It Will Soon Launch a More Mature Rival to ChatGPT

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Google Subsidiary DeepMind Says It May Launch a ChatGPT Rival Soon — and its chatbot promises to be a safer type of AI assistant. DeepMind has been a pioneer in AI research for 10 years and was acquired by Google 9 years ago. However, as ChatGPT hits the headlines, DeepMind CEO Demis Hassabis told Time that he is considering launch its own chatbot, called Sparrow, for a “private beta” in 2023.

Sparrow was introduced to the world last year as a proof of concept in a research paper that describes it as a “useful dialogue agent and reducing the risk of dangerous and inappropriate responses“.

Despite some reservations about the potential dangers of chatbots, which according to DeepMind include “inaccurate or fabricated informationit looks like Sparrow might be ready to take flight in beta soon. Given the close relationship between DeepMind and Google, it could effectively become the search giant’s answer to ChatGPT.

According to Demis Hassabis, the slight delay in the launch of Sparrow is due to DeepMind’s desire to ensure it has important features that ChatGPT lacks, including citing specific sources. As Hassabis told Time, “it is right to be careful in this area“.

From DeepMind’s research paper, it also appears that Sparrow will initially be more constraining and conservative than ChatGPT. The latter has gone viral thanks to its impressive ability to help everyone from coders to poets, but it has also caused concern for its ability to make discriminatory comments and write malware.

Finally some competition!

DeepMind highlighted the behavior restriction rules on which Sparrow relies, as well as its willingness to refuse to answer questions in “contexts where it is appropriate to rely on humans“. In early testing, Sparrow apparently provided a plausible answer and, importantly, backed it up with 78% of cases when asked a factual question“.

But its true capabilities will become clearer when the public beta launches later this year. Taking it to the next level will require tons of external input, which is why Sparrow’s public beta is imminent. According to DeepMind, developing better rules for its artificial intelligence assistant “will require both the input of experts on many topics (including policy makers, social scientists and ethicists) and the participation of a wide range of users and stakeholder groups“.

ChatGPT is already in full swing and heading towards a monetized future with ChatGPT Professional, an imminent paid tier.