Google would have a remedy for unwanted notifications during video screenshots

Google would have a remedy for unwanted notifications during video screenshots

Google is testing a new feature with Android 13 QPR2 Beta 2. Very practical, the latter allows you to activate the video screen capture only for a particular application, thus leaving aside the global recording of the entire interface… with confidentiality issues that may sometimes result.

The Google Pixel 7 for illustration // Source: Frandroid – Chloé Pertuis

Google would like to offer us a less intrusive video screenshot on Android. To do this, the firm would work on a new recording functionality limited to applications, in order to avoid the global capture that we currently know on the OS, and which can quickly prove to be annoying if we want to avoid to show too much.

Currently, video recording on Android indeed extends to the entire interface. It therefore concerns both the content you want to capture and personal interface elements (sometimes too much), such as pop-up notifications or lists of recent openings. Unwittingly, we can therefore record content that should ideally remain private.

Google would be at work on a less intrusive video capture

This is where the new function from Google would come in, since the video recording would then be limited only to a particular application, thus excluding any other element that could appear on the screen during the current capture.

We learn from 9to5Google, that Google has implemented on Android 13 QPR2 Beta 2 interface elements to precisely select a specific application for recording, rather than capturing everything. A video shared by the media allows us to have a good overview of the form that this new feature would take.

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In this case, Google would rely on a sharing drawer allowing you to select the application you want to save, either from a brief selection of recently opened apps, or through a complete list of apps installed on the device. . If Google sticks to the current interface of this novelty, as well as to the mention “Share or save an appvisible at the top of the page, this function would obviously be used for both screen capture and screen sharing. It too would then be less likely to expose private elements of the interface.

Still, this functionality is not yet operational for the time being, which is not surprising since it is still being tested… and on a beta, moreover. Google could have finalized it for March and the launch of Android 13 QPR2, but nothing allows us for the moment to be certain. Note also that this is a function developed by Google primarily for its Pixels. We will therefore have to wait to find out if the solution will be taken up by other manufacturers.

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