Google Trends: frequency of a term typed in the Google search engine

Google Trends: frequency of a term typed in the Google search engine

In a context where digital is taking over in various fields, it is essential for any company or individual wishing to develop its online presence to have a good SEO strategy.

It is a question of knowing the keywords on which to position yourself to attract the greatest number of Internet users. In this sense, Google Trends is a useful tool. Discover more information on the subject below.

What is Google Trends?

From Google Labs, Google Trends is a tool allowing users to know the frequency with which a word has been searched in Google. Originally, it was simply a way to analyze and gauge the interest of Internet users in various fields or subjects.

But, over time, it has become a powerful big data tool. It makes it possible to evaluate in real time the reaction of the public to events. Note that it also has a significant impact on how various research studies are done on the web.

By using Google Trends, you can now track trends in politics, social, sports, and more. Thus, you will better know how to choose the keywords to insert in your content to increase your online visibility.

How to use Google Trends

An interesting thing with Google Trends is that it can be used for various needs.

Whether it is to make technological forecasts or to optimize its content for the web, you can count on this Google tool.

Keep in mind, however, that how you use it will depend on your goals.

For example, if you want to set up an internet watch and follow all the news, just click on the “Current searches” tab to access a wide range of information.

In addition to informing you, Google Trends will also allow you to maintain your social networks by sharing the latest articles there. It’s a way to boost your notoriety online.

What is the most typed word on Google?

As has been its custom for several years, the American firm regularly publishes a list of the most searched keywords on Google.

In the midst of war since February 24, 2022, Ukraine is currently the most typed word in the search engine. Every day, millions of Internet users connect to learn about the evolution of the Russian-Ukrainian tension.

What are the most searched words on Google?

most searched words on google
most searched words on google

Google Trends ranks the most searched keywords and ranks them in order of relevance.

In the “Information and News” category, for example, the web giant’s tool reveals that Internet users have learned more about the conflict in Ukraine as well as the Qatar 2022 World Cup.

Then come the results of the presidential election in France and Macron’s speech.

In the “Movies” category, superheroes are always popular with Internet users. The Batman, Black Adam, Morbius, Love and Thunder… are all terms searched on Google last year.

Who is the most searched on Google?

In the “People” category, Russian President Vladimir Putin is the most searched public figure in Google in 2022 due to the tension between Russia and Ukraine.

He is followed by Queen Elizabeth II whose death at the age of 86 saddened many around the world. Those who did not know much about her have also taken advantage of the mourning to update themselves.

In France, the singer Florent Pagny dominates the debates regarding Google searches as can be seen in Google Trends searches

Now you know more about the usefulness of Google Trends. It is therefore up to you to adopt it to quickly find relevant keywords in order to improve your SEO strategy.

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