Google tells us about its favorite Chrome extensions in 2022

Google tells us about its favorite Chrome extensions in 2022

The year 2022 is coming to an end. It’s time for big tech companies to take stock. This time it’s Google that offers us a selection of its favorite Chrome extensions.

After having elected the best Android applications of the year, Google is back with a selection of extensions. An interesting selection but which will not please everyone, the giant leaning mainly on English extensions. We still find very useful tools on a daily basis, whether for work, learning or entertainment.

help at work

Extensions on browsers today occupy a significant part of the user experience. Even though Google has made some interesting changes to its Chrome browser (reading lists on the side panel, the ability to create groups of tabs, etc.), it can’t do everything yet. The extensions each bring their added value. While some appear more like gadgets, others provide many features, such as the extensions present in Google’s selection.

A large number of extensions come to help users in their navigation and their work. This is the case, for example, of SwiftReadto quickly read documents or articles. Tangoon the other hand, allows you to create tutorials quickly by recording the steps in real time and offering automatically created formatting. Liner helps keep important information from documents or videos aside by highlighting and marking interesting passages. Compose AI offers the possibility of automatically filling in and completing texts thanks to artificial intelligence.

Focus, learn and have fun

Google has retained two extensions to help stay focused in its tasks. First of all Workona Tab Manager which allows you to create several workspaces for your projects and save important tabs there. CrXMouse Chrome Gestures offers a whole panel of action customizations with the mouse. For example, holding down the left click and dragging the mouse to the right can open a link on a new tab. On the entertainment side, Google offers us an extension for Roblox players. RoPro improves their gaming experience.

eJOY was selected for its ability to teach English to its users. With this extension, it is possible to get an extra line of English translation on YouTube or Netflix videos. It also has a large dictionary of words that you can add to yourself.

Finally, speaking of learning, Google has selected two extensions that are important to it. equation makes it easy to enter mathematical equations and formulas and export them to a browser-based document. MyBib is a citation and bibliography generator, very useful for writing a dissertation or any other university work.