Google Play Services: Reduce battery consumption on your smartphone

Google Play Services: Reduce battery consumption on your smartphone

Limit battery consumption

The smartphone is a very useful means of exchange.

If it offers many features to the user, the durability of its battery determines its usefulness.

To prolong it, there are a few simple things to do.

In this article, you will learn how to limit battery consumption through efficient use of Google Play services on your phone.

Configure the Google Play services of your smartphone to reduce the energy consumption of your phone

Google services are part of the applications installed on the phone during manufacture.

Google Play services bring together a variety of features, namely:

  • download apps;
  • GPS;
  • media players;
  • and search engines.

To set up Google services to reduce battery consumption, several tasks must be completed.

Update all Google Play Services on time

Updating is an important task when you want to reduce battery consumption. Indeed, obsolete applications are always energy-intensive compared to new versions. Keeping an old version application or software on your smartphone is maintaining a big source of battery consumption.

Therefore, update Google play services periodically or install their beta version which provides more stability for smartphones.

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Limit data usage by disabling Google Play services

Google apps consume data in the background. This consumption can be detrimental to your telephone given the multiplicity of applications offered by the service. To do this, you must limit the battery consumption by these applications by going to the “settings” or “parameters” section of your phone.

The “Security and confidentiality” section will give you the hand to opt for the “Battery saving” mode. By opting into battery saver, Google will no longer have the ability to turn on GPS when requested by an app.

Disable Google Assistant

Google Assistant makes directing you to certain Google Play apps easier. This is an application that consumes a significant amount of energy. It guides you in the use of your smartphone. To deactivate the service, you still have to go to the settings and specifically, the “Phone” part. For example, you can disable Google access with Voice Match to save battery.

Use only one Google Account at a time

This is a detail that we think very little about. However, it can be the cause of considerable battery consumption. If you manage more than one Google account on your smartphone, this may affect your battery life.

In reality, with many accounts, you will be cluttered with many emails, endless location requests, as well as authorizations to grant which are not lacking. For this, it is important to limit the number of accounts to be managed on the phone.

A few simple but useful gestures to limit battery consumption on your smartphone

If you make the settings listed above, you will already have a satisfactory result. But for more efficiency, you must remember to have the right reflexes. This involves simple tasks that are not lacking in relevance.

Reduce the brightness of your phone screen

Brightness settings are very important if you want to extend battery life. Many people like to set the brightness to its maximum threshold. Although it is useful in some cases, it is at the same time a sure way to drain the battery of the phone. Therefore, limit usage to 100% brightness.

Opt for automatic brightness management

To avoid having to make full-time manual adjustments, it is better to use the automatic brightness manager. It therefore provides lighting adapted to the area in which you are to prevent the light from being too weak or too strong. At the same time, it is an aid in battery preservation.

Disable keyboard sound and vibration

It is possible to use beeps for the keyboard. This is a feature that smartphones have. That said, it’s not always useful. Far from it, this is a good way to drain the battery. Therefore, energy losses can be avoided by disabling this feature.

Activate battery saver mode

Smartphones have a battery saving option. The purpose of this feature is to limit the energy consumption of certain applications while authorizing those that are useful to you. Battery Saver even helps to extend battery life and have the power needed for emergency calls when the battery is at a very low rate.

Use original charger

If you buy a new smartphone, it is sold with all the accessories including the charger. To protect your phone and avoid damaging it, charge it only with the supplied charger. This is the best way to avoid overcharging which can damage not only the battery but also other compartments of the phone.

The battery of a smartphone is an important part. With these tricks, it is easy to make a good management of it.

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