Google Meet: 3D backgrounds are coming

Google Meet : Les fonds 3D s’invitent

Google’s video conferencing application also adds many strings to its bow through its latest update, first with the addition of 3D backgrounds. If users experience a thousand embarrassments that their colleagues can see their untidy desks during meetings, Google has found the idea to make their interior a little more cheerful.

It is enriched on Smartphone with a new functionality already well known to users of other applications.

These 3D backgrounds will be added on mobile, they will allow you to follow the movements of users and above all hide the background during a video call.
The important feature of these 3D backgrounds is that they are actually animated videos representing different settings and images such as a city, an oasis or a temple with a striking aesthetic touch.

Among the novelties, we also find reactions with emojis during the call, a practical function to signal to colleagues without disturbing the presenter or reacting discreetly to a statement.

The user will be able to react in various ways, with a thumbs up, a heart, a crying or laughing emoji, among others.

Formerly known as Hangouts Meet, Google Meet is the video conferencing service set up by Google. With this Google Workspace collaborative tool for professionals, companies easily organize secure, high-quality video calls with their employees located around the world.

Furthermore, Google Meet builds on the unshakeable foundation of Google and thus guarantees accessibility worldwide.

As a reminder, the new features it is undertaking will be deployed through updates in the coming weeks.

Moreover, 360° backgrounds have been fashionable on different applications for a few years. These allow you to move around with your phone in your hands and have a 3D background behind you that follows the user’s movements.

It’s a suitable trick for the less manic and for those who rely on this kind of subterfuge to hide the mess that invades their home. The mobile version of Google Meet has so far only allowed you to add a few effects to pimp the video stream, and the Mountain View company has just announced the deployment of the famous 360° backgrounds for its mobile application. .

As reported to us by the media 9to5Google, the American giant specifies that the backgrounds of its application will in fact be videos, and that they will therefore animate independently of the movements of the user.

As for the rollout of 360° backgrounds, they will only arrive in the next few weeks. This will concern both owners of iPhone and Android smartphones. Nevertheless, it is important to specify that only paid users of Workspace will be able to benefit from it initially.