Google is rolling out the new Android Auto interface

Google is rolling out the new Android Auto interface

The new version of Android Auto is being rolled out to all users. In addition to a redesigned interface, this major update introduces several new features.

Android Auto gets a makeover. Last May, Google presented the new version of its on-board navigation system at its Google I/O conference. The Mountain View company this time took advantage of CES in Las Vegas to announce the deployment of this major Android Auto update on all Android devices. The application benefits from a completely revised and corrected interface, and introduces several features, including the possibility of using your smartphone as a digital car key.

A more readable screen that adapts to the size of the display

Like Apple’s CarPlay, Android Auto allows owners of Android smartphones to display the content of their device on the on-board screen in a compatible vehicle. With this new version, Google wanted to hit hard. The interface, which now adopts the graphic codes of Material You, has been totally reworked to offer better readability. Above all, it benefits from a dynamic display that now adapts to the different screen sizes present in vehicles. Google explains that it wanted to highlight three important objectives for drivers. The American firm has thus chosen to divide this screen into three spaces: navigation, communication and multimedia.

The map is now displayed on the part of the screen closest to the driver (on the left in our latitudes) so that the latter has optimal visibility of his journey. The right part is mainly reserved for the display of multimedia content which can be reduced to display messages or incoming calls. Google has also integrated a new quick launcher allowing easier access to the last applications used.

This new version of Android Auto also sees the intelligent suggestions of Google Assistant arrive. The voice assistant will take care of showing you reminders of missed calls, your Estimated Time of Arrival (ETA), or even direct access to your music or podcasts. Above all, it will finally be possible to advance further in a song or podcast being played from a progress bar.

WhatsApp calls and key sharing

Google has indicated that it will soon be possible to launch WhatsApp calls directly on Android Auto. However, the function will only be available with Pixels and Samsung smartphones, before probably being deployed more widely on other devices.

Finally, digital car keys, which until now you could only share between Pixel smartphones and iPhones, will soon be able to be shared on other devices. Google has indeed indicated that key sharing will be possible later this year on Samsung and Xiaomi devices.

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