Google is attacking ChatGPT, launching its own AI!

Google is attacking ChatGPT, launching its own AI!

News JVTech Google is attacking ChatGPT, launching its own AI!

OpenAI has hit a big neck with ChatGPT! A blow such that it triggered a commotion at Google. But the Californian firm reacts quickly and is soon ready to launch its own AI in the deep end. A real challenger to ChatGPT or a stroke of water?

ChatGPT: the artificial intelligence that redistributed all the cards

The year 2022 closed just over two weeks ago, and with everything we’ve seen, it’s easy to say that this exercise has been very important for artificial intelligence (AI). Progress in this discipline of computer science has been substantial. In the area of ​​generative AI, we have seen fantastic image generation programs like DALL-E 2, IMAGEN, Stable Diffusion 2.0 and Midjourney.

But in December, it was a real UFO that turned our daily lives upside down and quickly made everyone agree. With ChatGPT, OpenAI has completely redistributed the information cards on the Internet. For those unaware, ChatGPT is a conversational bot that is capable of producing quality automated responses. Its capabilities are even so advanced, that it almost becomes a threat to Google and other web tools like Wikipedia.

Photo credit: Deepmind

And it didn’t take more for Google to react and initiate a “red code” internally, in order to counteract the enormous success of ChatGPT. To put it simply, GAFAM mobilized several of its engineers to develop a chatbot comparable to that of OpenAI. This information was revealed by Demis Hassabis, the CEO of Deepmind, in an interview with Time.

Sparrow: Google’s ChatGPT

For those to whom the name Deepmind means nothing, a little reminder is in order. Deepmind is a subsidiary of Alphabet (the parent company of Google) specialized in artificial intelligence. And as ChatGPT has come to overshadow the search engine, Alphabet has therefore instructed Deepmind engineers to work on a chatbot similar to that of OpenAI to compete with them. His name: Sparrow (trans. sparrow). And as Demis Hassabis explains, Sparrow will normally launch in the current fiscal year (in 2023).

Last September, the Alphabet subsidiary shared a whole communicated in which she presented her chatbot, we could also read: “Sparrow is a dialogue agent that is helpful and reduces the risk of dangerous and inappropriate responses. Our agent is designed to speak with a user, answer questions, and search the internet using Google when it is useful to seek evidence to inform their answers. »

Photo Credit: Deepmind

Google is attacking ChatGPT, launching its own AI!Google is attacking ChatGPT, launching its own AI!

Through this brief explanation, you therefore understand that Sparrow is based on the same concepts as ChatGPT. Small variant all the same, “Sparrow” can count on the support of Google to provide evidence and qualitative answers. For now, we do not yet know the date on which this new chatbot will be deployedalthough we know it should be in 2023. So let’s wait a little longer before seeing what Sparrow is really worth, and before knowing if OpenAI should be worried about the arrival of this competitor..