Google creates the surprise, video gamers are delighted

Google creates the surprise, video gamers are delighted

News JVTech Google creates the surprise, video gamers are delighted

Stadia will officially shut down on January 18 (Wednesday). And if users are preparing to abandon everything related to Google’s cloud gaming service, the American firm still wanted to give them a last last stand.

Google: Stadia’s final sigh is fast approaching, but…

On September 29, Google announced the closure of Stadia. After the Google Glass connected glasses or the Google + social network, the American giant is therefore facing a new bitter failure, with this cloud gaming platform which will never have really been able to find its audience, its model, its place on the market… The service will officially close on January 18 at 11:59 p.m. (North American Pacific Time), in other words on January 19 at 8:59 a.m. with us.

As you will have understood, the announcement of Stadia’s closure was just one more tombstone in the huge cemetery of Google products that are dying out. However, in the case of its cloud gaming platform, the behavior of the Tech giant was exemplary: the equipment and games were fully reimbursed. Only, there remained a collateral victim in all this mess: the controllers. Because yes, Stadia was born with an exclusive controller that could not be used on other platforms. But since Google shows great kindness to the users of this service, this little black dot is about to change.

Stadia controllers will have the right to a second life in video games

Last week (January 13), a Google employee spoke to explain what will happen to Stadia Controllers. And good news for future ex-users, Bluetooth functionality will be added. “Many of you have expressed a desire to enable Bluetooth on the Stadia Controller. We have good news: next week, we’ll be releasing a self-service tool to enable Bluetooth connections on your Stadia controller. We will communicate the details of the activation of this functionality to you next week. »

By this message, it must therefore be understood that the Stadia controller will soon become a Bluetooth controllerwhich can therefore be coupled to any mobile, PC or TV (including Android TV and Google TV services). That Google could suddenly shut down Stadia was something one could imagine. However, even Google employees could not have imagined it. I have to say that the service promised to break through hardware barriers through Wi-Fi. Reality ? Too much time to implement the basic functions, more than six months to implement the free access mode and the closure of the internal game studio only one year after the announcement.

Next Wednesday, Stadia will leave the field open to NVIDIA with Geforce Now and to Microsoft with Xbox Cloud Gaming. So far, cloud gaming is showing promise, with subscription options and game compatibility improving all the time. Nevertheless, there is still a lot of work to do so that cloud gaming can, one day, even match physical consoles.