Google Announces End of Character Limit for Article Titles

If you found that 110 characters wasn’t enough to describe your article title in enough detail, now you have one less problem. Google has announced the end of its character limit for titles in article structured data. What does this mean concretely? If you haven’t understood everything, you’ve come to the right place: we’ve deciphered this ad for you.

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What was the rule regarding article titles?

Before January 3, 2023, Google imposed a limit on the number of characters in the title of an article on structured data. This limit was 110 characters.

110 characters is already the possibility of writing a relatively long and detailed title. But it was possible that some might feel restricted in their creativity when writing H1 titles for their articles.

Here is what Google’s statements said before the start of 2023: “Title of the article. The value must not exceed 110 characters. »

Structured data: what is it, quickly?

The structured data are data that are tagged with a predefined and precise format in order to be able to provide information about the web page that contains them.

They allow to give indications to Google on the content of the article or page you post, for the purpose of promote good referencing.

In short, structured data helps Google understand what you’re talking about and makes your page appear more easily in search results.

Concretely, what does the update published by Google mean?

In early 2023, Google released an update about article structured data. This update concerns in particular the removal of the limit of 110 characters.

Here’s what the update says about the title:

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“The title of the article: Consider using a concise title, as long titles may be truncated on some devices. »


Long story short, this update removes a restriction, but encourages Google users to keep their title length reasonable.

Indeed, depending on the device on which users consume the content, titles that are too long may not be readable, which is annoying in terms of SEO. Who wants to read an article whose title they can’t read?

Google therefore lets more freedoms users, but appeals to their common sense.

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