Fired by Twitter, he now competes with Elon Musk


The arrival of Elon Musk at the head of Twitter has created quite a mess. And it has also created new opportunities for rival and lesser-known platforms, such as Mastodon. Indeed, since the takeover of Twitter by Musk, this decentralized and open source social network has gone from 300,000 active users per month to 2.5 million.

For their part, two former Twitter employees, Alphonzo Terrell and DeVaris Brown, are launching a brand new platform called Spill and intended to compete with Elon Musk’s Twitter. As the TechCrunch site tells, they met during orientation, on their first day at Twitter. Brown was head of product at Twitter but left the platform in 2020. As for Terrell, he was head of “Social & Editorial”, but was recently fired.

The new platform, Spill, is described as a space for real-time conversation (Twitter style), but which highlights culture. “Most importantly, we are focused on rewarding creators who frequently set new trends but are consistently overlooked – especially black women, the queer community, and many other vibrant communities outside of the United States”we also read on the website of the social network.

A new model for remunerating creators

Spill is not yet operational. But recently, its creators opened registrations on a waiting list, for those who want to use this social network when it becomes available. One of the peculiarities of this Twitter competitor will be its compensation model. Indeed, although Spill does not define itself as a web3 platform, it will use the blockchain to credit and remunerate creators. For the moment, we do not know more, but this model to remunerate creators could be very interesting.

Whether Spill will win over the crowds remains to be seen. Indeed, in our time, it is very difficult for a new social network to compete with existing platforms like Facebook, Instagram or Twitter. TikTok (and perhaps also BeReal) is an exception, since other social networks, such as Clubhouse, Vero, or even Houseparty, had their moments of glory, before sinking into oblivion.

So far, Spill is off to a good start as its creators have almost already reached the social network’s launch target, with over 41,000 signups for the waitlist.