Explosive revelation: here is the list of media that received 319 million from Bill Gates to control our opinions

Explosive revelation: here is the list of media that received 319 million from Bill Gates to control our opinions

Information published last November but which deserves once again that our media make it available to the general public in a particular context marked by indescribable violence and aggressiveness from the mainstream media which categorically refuse to cover the corruption which plagues the scientific world. .

But, for what reasons does the media refuse to attack Big Pharma? Are they paid by the labs to silence the unhealthy practices courageously denounced by hundreds of scientists since the start of the pandemic? The questions arise and the debate is open.

In any case, what we know so far is that major media in the West are financed by billionaire Bill Gates, whose links with the labs are known to all. To give you an idea of ​​this collusion between money and Big Pharma, Lecourrier-du-soir.com has seen fit to repost a revelation made a year ago on this topic.

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According to an explosive revelation made on November 15 by the investigative media MintPressNews which brings together investigative journalists from all over the world, Bill Gates has paid, through his foundation, 319 million dollars to American and international media which roll out the red carpet for him by promoting subjects that are close to his heart.


Has Bill Gates taken full control of the opinions of citizens around the world? The question arises following an explosive revelation made on November 15 by the investigative media MintPresseNews.com. Indeed, this media revealed that Bill Gates paid 319 million dollars to various press groups around the world to control the editorial line and impose his agenda on certain subjects.

The media says it obtained this information by digging through some 30,000 donations made by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and appearing in its database. MintPressNews.com went so far as to reveal the names of the media that benefited from this gigantic financing.

Media cited include: CNN, NBC, PBS and The Atlantic as far as the United States is concerned. In the rest of the world, other media got wet. Among them are: El País (in Spain), The BBC, The Guardian, The Financial Times and The Daily Telegraph (UK), Der Spiegel (in Germany), Al Jazeera (in Qatar) and The world (in France).

The amounts paid to these media have been disclosed. Thus, the American chain CNN touched 3,600,000 US billionaire dollars. El País touched 3,968,184 dollars; The world would have touched 4,014,512 dollars; the BBC touched 3,668,657 dollars; Der Spiegel touched 5,437,294 dollars. The media The Guardian seems to have hit the jackpot: 12,951,391 dollars. And the list is not exhaustive.

According to the source, this money is used to cover themes dear to Bill Gates. For example, the 3,600,000 dollars that have been awarded to the channel CNN are used to cover issues related to gender and parity, with a focus on developing countries.

After providing extremely detailed information on Gates’ media funding, the news site MintPressNews explains how this stranglehold on the media kills journalism, forcing the press to a single line favorable to the all-powerful American billionaire.

Through this system, which clearly resembles corruption, the image of Bill Gates is constantly enhanced by the international media, which thus presents him as a true savior of the planet. His conflicts of interest and the serious scandals in which he is involved are deliberately kept silent and those who dare to speak out about them risk paying dearly.

In other words, anything unfavorable to Her Majesty Gates is outright censored.

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